Hangin’ five with Hollywood Heartache

Local band Hollywood Heartache have been causing quite a commotion in the local scene with their latest brand of pop. They are currently touring through the Gold Coast’s high schools playing a mix of originals and covers, which has been going down a treat with audiences. Kyle Butcher caught up with the guys to see what makes them tick, both on stage and behind the scenes.

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Q1. You have one song you can listen to for the rest of the decade. What song would it be?

Kevin (Guitar, Vocals): All Time Low – Kids In The Dark.
Sam (Guitar, Vocals): John Mayer – Bold As Love.
Josh (Drums, Vocals): Eminem – Stan (‘Cause I’m a Gangsta, duh).
Will (Bass, Vocals): What Does The Fox Say? by Ylvis, purely for the fact that I could run around on the street and annoy people with it!
Q2. You get to swap voices with anyone, fictional or otherwise. Who would it be?

S: Yami Yugi/The Pharaoh from the original series of Yu-Gi-Oh!
K: Luke Hemmings or Alex Gaskarth.
W: Stewie Griffin, would love to sing my parts in his accent!
J: Anyone with a cool American accent.

Q3. Favourite local band and song?

W: Endworld – Ground War.
K: Scarlet Kill – L Bomb.
S: Either Double Lined Minority – Hanging, or Josh Lovegrove – Mona Lisa Smile.
J: I’m gonna have to go with Sam, I love me some Double Lined Minority. Stop Me and Voodoo are rad.

Q4. Craziest/best moment with HH so far?

S: Honestly our first show was incredible. After the release of Sarah Says, and the months of preparation leading up to it – We managed to play a sold out venue with Double Lined Minority and Sam Harrow. The audience was WAY into it, it was insane.
K: Today actually. Played an awesome school show and some kid crowd surfed.
W: We went to get in my car to go for a drive and Kevin wanted to sit in the front passenger seat, but much to his distress, there was a massive Grasshopper holding onto the roof on the inside of the car. He went to open the door, noticed the Grasshopper, and then Sam screamed like a girl and ran away! Kevin went to run as well but he fell over! That was so damn funny.
J: Aside from what the guys said, being asked for photos in public is a crazy thing.

Q5. You can tour to one city tomorrow to play to a packed out crowd. Where do you choose?

J: I’d love to sell out Suncorp Stadium or Brisbane Entertainment Centre. I think that would make my family proud and they could all come and watch us act like we think we are good. That would be great.
W: New York, Madison Square Garden.
K: Wembley Stadium, Wembley Park, London, England.
S: Kev already said Wembley… And London’s at the top of my bucket list. But next in line is New York!


Hollywood Heartache’s latest single, School’s Out, is being released in April!

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