Hangin’ five with Napoleonic Wars

Named after the wars fought under Napoleon Bonaparte’s leadership in the early 1800s, this Gold Coast four-piece reflect their namesake with unabashed organised chaos. Their EP You Disgust Me, but I can Relate (which we loved) was released in February 2016 and their new video for Devil’s Snare is due this month. Mella Bunker asked Jake Morton a few questions.


What do you love most about living on the GC?
The best thing about the Gold Coast, is how spread out it is. A day out in Burleigh is a total contrast to Mt Tamborine. When I have a day off, I can do something different virtually every time.
Tell us about the best gig you’ve ever played?
Our EP launch in February. We got to celebrate our release with some of our favourite local acts and share it with our fans. The atmosphere was pretty sick, we had monitors set up showing all this scrambled footage. There was a lot of energy in the room we all just kept bouncing off.

What are your thoughts on the GC music scene?
The scene is going through some peculiar things now. It’s become an interesting melting pot of genres and personalities. A really cool aspect is the variety of experimental, underground bands, movements that are springing up. You have the 90s nostalgia of Wren Klauf, Tesla Coils in the electronic department and Blind Girls doing crazy things for the EMO-hardcore scene. In the background you have Blank, Rabbit Radio and people like Guy Cooper doing their best to showcase what we as a city have to offer.
If you could take five bands on a roadtrip, who do you choose?
Wren Klauf, Basil’s Kite, Basement, Emery and Mineral.

The most under-rated musician right now?
Omar Rodríguez-López, the guy is a genius and inspiration. As a guitarist his approach is refreshing, especially his use of unresolved dissonance and effects. His work with At The Drive In and The Mars Volta is probably the biggest influence on us and it would be safe to say he laid the groundwork for a lot of people involved with this genre.


Napoleonic Wars play an all-ages show, Griffith Gold Coast Drama Theatre, 9 September.

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