Hangin’ Five with The Good Boys

In early 2013, Andrew Basso, Paul Marc Rousseau, and Daniel Tremblay resumed an all too long hiatus of collaborative songwriting. The Good Boys were formed, offering a dynamism well suited to rock and roll. Smart, funny and – above all – catchy tunes characterise the music of these three Brisbane rockers, and now they are bringing their new EP Plum to the Gold Coast’s very own elsewhere. We hung five with the guys.

What are your thoughts on the Brisbane music scene?

The Brisbane music scene is awesome. The majority of people are good mates and everyone’s happy to help each other out. The talent is also incredible.

If you could take five bands on a road trip around Australia, who would you choose?

Rolling Blackouts, Flowertruck, Death Grips, You Beauty, Tempura Nights

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it, and which artist/s do you find inspiring or influential?

Just a simple Aussie guitar band basically. We’re influenced by heaps of different artists: Eddy Current, Jet, John Steel Singers

What are the biggest challenges for up and coming Australian artists?

Breaking into a scene is sometimes difficult. Getting to know people and scoring your first shows can be hard. Also getting paid and paying for things like recording and servicing is a challenge.

What is your most vivid musical memory?

Probably playing our first show at one of Rian’s house parties in Taringa. I remember it being extremely hot and sweaty.

Get on your feet for The Good Boys at elsewhere on Friday 21 October.

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