Hanging five with space-gaze merchant, Daily Holla

Daily Holla is a fusion of electronic beats with spacey guitar and recorded samples. Tell me how the project came about? 

I started at the beginning of 2015. I have been making music since I was about 12, and this has been my first venture as a solo artist. I was in a band in high school in Adelaide, and we played that indie/pop “cutesy” stuff. I wanted to broaden my horizon from being a guitar player and felt the electronic music world had so much to offer. I had just moved from Adelaide to the Gold Coast. I didn’t know anyone up here who made music so I was somewhat forced into doing things on my own.

Waves is getting lots of interest online – where and from whom? 

I was so caught up in getting it out there, that I didn’t really set up any expectations. It has been getting quite a few plays on Soundcloud, and Spotify especially. It’s been featured in a few Spotify playlists and viral Australia charts, which was so crazy, as it was just chilling there with Lorde and the Chainsmokers. Quite a few blogs, such as Pilerats, Acid Stag, Indie Shuffle and Earmilk have all written amazing pieces on the track. It still makes me smile so much when I see people writing such positive reviews! I even saw Duke Dumont liked it on Soundcloud and I was like ‘Wow! I saw you at Splendour In The Grass, and now you’re liking my tune?’

What’s it like being 21yo producer in the music industry in this city? 

It’s really fun! I had no connection to the Gold Coast before moving up here for uni, so it was really fresh starting again and making new friends and seeing where all the cool places are. I live in Burleigh Heads and every morning I wake up and see people surfing. It’s so cool, writing music while sitting by the ocean and watching people do their thing. I’ve been able to meet other young, like minded creatives, both in music and film.

You made this single with friends from uni. What are you all studying and where? 

I’m just about to graduate from Bond University, where I have studied Film and Television. Everyone involved on the production were all friends from uni, which made the whole process so fun and rewarding.

What do you have in the pipeline from a music point of view? 

I have lots of music just sitting on my laptop ready to go! The next release will be my EP the HYPERCOLOUR collection. It’s a six track EP. There will be lots of sweet visual pieces, some of which are in pre-production right now. I’m so keen for the year ahead!

Get your ears around Daily Holla and his track Waves at soundcloud.com/dailyholla.


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