Hanlon Brothers Light It Up With New Single

Chilled groove collective Hanlon Brothers, have announced their return to music consciousness in the form of a radiant new single which goes by the name of ‘SOLAR’.

The track finds the brotherly trio, Ruka (MC), Saia (Drums) and Omar Hanlon (Bass and Vocals), lay down a soulful, hip-hop inflected r&b groove, perfect for those lazy, sundrenched winter weekends which are sure to be bountifully bestowed upon the Gold Coast over the coming months.

‘SOLAR’ serves as the title track to an upcoming new EP of material, lovingly crafted over the past 12 months as the brothers strove to definitively capture their ethos in their purpose-built studio, morphing their sound palette into exciting new realms.

We were lucky enough to get Ruka Hanlon to share his perspective on the new release and what else the guys have in store in the foreseeable future.

What’s been happening in the world of Hanlon Brothers in the lead up to your brand new single, ‘SOLAR’?

We’ve been working hard in the studio, trying to explore and find a sound that reflects us, as brothers and as Gold Coasters. There has been a lot of ups and downs this year, definitely a rollercoaster, but it’s all been very exciting considering the end product, and especially the journey getting here with pushing musical boundaries, experimenting and jamming with local bands, musicians and producers.

Can you fill us in on how the new EP is shaping up? And is the lead-off single indicative of its vibe? 

We needed time to find our own sound that represents our home, the feeling of a good swell, our childhood and adolescent memories of the death of our parents, to this next-to-nothing lifestyle we share and that we have been lucky enough to enjoy our whole lives! Trying to capture all these things was the birth of this new sound/EP and yes, there is a similar vibe throughout but at the same time each song is different as they represent a progression throughout the project.

‘SOLAR’ really became a project when we pretty much went back to the drawing board and workshopped our sound with a super talented producer and good friend, P.T Parcel. Throughout the process we created a sound that was naturally inspired from the music we grew up listening to and the amazing artists out there today. This we used to collectively create, contributing our own unique strengths to the project – with Ruka being a purist in Hip Hop, Omar focused on chords and chord progressions plus Saia being beat driven and pushing the boundaries of rhythm.

I think we’re lucky as brothers, we have a natural and organic energy and connection. ‘SOLAR’ is definitely the gateway sound of our beginnings and sets the standard of where our EP is going.

When can we expect to hear the new EP in full? 

At the moment, we are finalising the last touches to the EP and awaiting a few changes. The song list keeps changing because there so many good tracks to choose from, but hopefully you will hear it this year! We’ll definitely drop another single in the next few months so keep an ear out! 

Will you be playing some live shows in support of ‘SOLAR’ in the near future?

We hope to kick off a tour starting on the East Coast, which will either start or end with a major gig on the Gold Coast.  We are really excited to share our new sound with everyone and especially when we play it live, as we take it to the next level with production, visuals and the live instruments. We have been rehearsing and creating differently to how we are used to, so we really can’t wait to get on a stage and perform. We’d also love to get a support slot for an international tour just to prove our sound can connect on an international level.

What’s in store for Hanlon Brothers for the remainder of 2019? And do you have any grand plans for where you’d like to take things over the coming few years, musically speaking?

The remainder of the year will most likely see us doing what we do, which is continually creating new music and in turn announcing a release for our latest single to come. We have been working on a music video and really exploring other mediums and platforms to introduce our music.

The grand plan is to keep being ourselves and love the process, while touring and meeting other creative’s such as producers, artists, promoters. At the same time, as long as we’re strong together and staying focused as a whole, the opportunity to perfect our craft will always be our priority.

With cosmic things going down in the world of Hanlon Brothers, do as Ruka says and “keep an ear out” for their shape-shifting return track, ‘SOLAR’ as the brothers keep it real as they go about perfecting their craft. Catch them do their thing live when they play for FREE at the Broadwater Parklands on 13 July for Celebrate GC, alongside Amy Shark, Eliza and the Delusionals, and The Lamplights.

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