Hanlon Brothers take on Burleigh at Single Fin Festival

If the adage ‘what goes around comes around’ has any truth to it, Gold Coast boys Hanlon Brothers are due the mother lode this year.

They’re giving back to their Burleigh hometown this Sunday with a free performance as part of Burleigh’s Single Fin Festival. It’s not the first time they’ve played the event, which makes them even more excited about being there.

“We played last year and it was so packed,” Saia Hanlon said. “It’s the combination of the Single Fin festival, Burleigh hill, summer holidays.”

“It’s just one way we can give back to our community,” Saia told Blank Gold Coast.

As we speak, Saia and his brother Omar are actually setting up for another community gig they’re donating their time to. It’s a Christmas lunch and concert for Gold Coast charity Walk With Us and some of the clients they support.

“We’re just trying to give back as much as we can,” Omar explained. “It’s the same reason we’re building a new studio. To teach Gold Coast kids. Here today, we’re showing kids who we are and what we do.”

Omar agrees the Single Fin event is a good fit for Hanlon Brothers. “It’s a fun day,” he said. “It’s Burleigh, it’s the beach, surfers babes, Nook Coffee….”

The band’s Single Fin Festival performance is just the beginning of a big year. Saia and Omar have both been setting up the new Hanlon Brothers’ Gold Coast studio, at Prose HQ in Miami and they’re expecting 2017 to deliver in spades.

“At the moment we’re just using it purely for teaching,” Omar said. “So people know where we are and who we are.”

As well as bass and guitar lessons from Omar, the studio will offer drum lessons from Saia and will house other musicians like Xy Latu.

“He’s doing production and won the first X Factor,” Saia explained. “He’s writing a song at the moment for Ricky Martin.”

“The studio’s really different because we built it as a hangout spot,” Saia said. “With a normal studio you rock in, do your job and go. But we want everyone involved with the Hanlon Brothers, even the second guys, to hang there and record there too. We want it to be more of a hub than just a studio.”

You can expect it to be busy then. Because in 2016 some 30 people have performed as part of the Hanlon Brothers. Omar and Saia both laugh when I point that out.

“So the brotherhood of Hanlons is growing,” I said. “Oh, it’s a fraternity, really. It really is,” replied Omar.

“We’re really trying to brand the Hanlon Brothers,” he added. “We want people to come in the doors for lessons.”

2017 will also see the band release a much-anticipated video. And I mean that. We’ve been waiting for this little beauty for nearly a year. It’s due in March. Plus, there’s a new album due late in the year.

But if you can’t wait that long, you’ve got this Sunday to get your fill of the Hanlon Brothers right here on the Gold Coast.

The Burleigh Single Fin runs 7 – 8 January and the Hanlon Brothers perform from 1.00pm on Sunday 8 January.


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