Hans Zimmer – Live review and gallery – Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Saturday 5 May 2017

Spanning a career as far back as the 80s, he has written some of the most recognisable soundtracks in cinematic history. And tonight he brought all the hits to Brisbane Entertainment Centre to an almost sold out crowd.

The crowd take their seats, slowly packing the room while ambient themes and the sounds of what seemed like bells ringing playing across the PA system, ringing in different sections of the room each time, creating a dark and almost eerie atmosphere. Definitely the best way to warm the ears before a Hans Zimmer concert.

The band enter the stage and when I say band, I mean (from what I could count), 2 violinists, 2 cellos, an accordionist, a drummer, a bassist, several multi instrumentalists and the list goes on. This is just his main band. You’ve then got a small orchestra backing them and then a choir of at least 12 vocalists behind them. It’s pure insanity and magical in all the right ways. And then the man himself takes to stage, hands in the air to the crowd, sporting a very smart tuxedo and a martini upon his piano and the crowd are going crazy. Taking his rightful seat at his piano, he and his band begin what will be an 8 minute medley of Driving Miss Daisy, Sherlock Holmes and Madagascar.

Between songs he takes time to chat with the crowd, explaining why he had taken on such soundtracks and his relationships with the directors and actors. It definitely made for a much more intimate show, learning so much about his career. He goes on to showcase pieces from the heights of his career such as Gladiator, The Da Vinci Code, Man Of Steel and Pirates of the Caribbean just to name off a few.

Most notably is when he plays The Circle of Life from the one and only The Lion King. Not only is this special to see played live from the composer himself, but he also brings out the original vocalist Lebo M accompanied by his daughter to sing those unforgettable moments from the start of one of Disneys most famous films. Going on to explain that when they first met, Lebo was just a political refugee working at a car wash and now look at him.

World renowned cello player Tina Guo heads the string section of the band putting on a spectacular show, taking to the front of the stage in some parts and wowing fans across the room with her unforgettable energy. Most of the band get their moments to shine at the front of the stage and all blow the crowd away with their sheer talent. It’s incredible to watch.

He ends the show playing through parts of the mind blowing Interstellar soundtrack, church organs and low bass tones blaring through the speakers. I remember seeing Interstellar and being blown away by the soundtrack and how much it shook the cinema. That couldn’t compare to what was heard and felt at the Entertainment Centre. And after a monstrous applause from the crowd he returns to the stage for one last performance. And this is the one I’ve been waiting for all night, all year in fact. In comes Dream Is Collapsing from the Inception Soundtrack. This is the way to close a set. This soundtrack is beautiful and full of so many emotions and it’s played flawlessly. Straight on through Hans sits down at the piano one last time, striking those first notes from Time. The song sends the crowd into absolute silence and gives me goosebumps all over. Even the annoying patrons who insist on speaking through the show go silent. It’s his most compelling piece of music in my opinion and it’s noted throughout the centre.

Finishing up with that final demonic and wonderful note of the violin and that final hit of the key, it’s all over. He says his goodbyes and Monty Pythons hit classic Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life plays of the PA as the crowd slowly make their way out of the room.

My final verdict: Tickets to this weren’t cheap, but not one cent was wasted on this show. This in my books, will go down as one of the best concerts I have ever seen. The sound was flawless, the band was energetic and the emotions flew through the room. I would never pass up the chance to see this legend in concert again. And neither should you. Mind blown.


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