Yup, you read the title right. Even though Aunty Meredith banned Headdresses, they still found their way into the loveable, indie, Splendour’s-little-sister festival Falls. The hat at festivals has caused endless controversy over both it’s cultural ignorance and it’s way of obstructing other punters in the crowds. Meredith Music Festival lead the charge in putting an end to the Native American clothing being misappropriated, to many people’s happiness, however the movement has not found a foothold Australia-wide, with many festivals still having the headdresses available to purchase within the grounds, Falls being one of them.

The headdress has been banned from a number of festivals worldwide due to it’s offensiveness to the aboriginal people because the people don’t participate in the associated religion nor would they wear it outside the festival and because they obviously restrict views for the punters behind the wearer. There have been calls for the ban of forehead bindis at festivals in addition to the headdresses, which has fortunately found traction at forwards thinking festivals like Meredith and Canadian Festival Bass Coast.

Falls Festival did have a short but sweet list of banned goods, ranging from the recently added couches and bean bags to the obvious items like gas canisters, fireworks of any kind, weapons and lasers. Even though the entire festival including the campgrounds were licensed to sell alcohol, hundreds upon hundreds of people were caught at the gates attempting to smuggle booze in. Even though the headwear is still allowed, there is no doubt that headdresses (and other religious clothing/items) will be a thing of the past at festivals.

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  • […] Gone are the days of baseball hats worn forwards (or backwards) at festivals. The reign of bucket hats and mountie hats has arrived. Almost every festival goer can be seen sporting one of these hats that has now become seemingly synonymous with festival fashion, and if these hats are missing from their heads, a 5 panel cap is surely there to replace them. Fedoras seem to also be on the out, only one has been spotted over the past three days. One of the good things about mountie hats is that they are sunsmart, but that isn’t the main reason people wear those hats. Another recent addition to the festival fashion is the return of overalls, which the guitarist of Kingswood was seen sporting on the first day. The headdress still made an appearance at the festival, however there is a strong movement to ban them. […]

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