Hellooooooo Yellowood

Fancy chilling in the rodeo arena of a 126 year old hotel while listening to killer tunes with a backdrop of canefields, just 30 minutes from the Gold Coast? Well, helloooooo Yellowood. It’s one of the last bastions of country living between the GC and Brisbane with unique log and corrugated iron bars and a literal rodeo ring that has bands walking through bullgates to get to the stage.

With a lineup featuring The Black Sorrows, The Delta Riggs, The High Grade, Tuesday’s Good, Jimmy the Saint and the Sinners and more it’s going to be one hell of a day and organiser DJ Fitzgerald is hoping for between 1000 and 2000 punters.

“We had rain for an hour last year,” he said. “And hail. It sort of stopped a lot of people turning up on the day.”

“It’s all about local bands. We throw in a headliner to draw the crowd, but the majority is local bands. We’re trying to keep that local thing goin’ on for a boutique festival, all on the idea of trying to provide something a bit better than the massive commercial festivals: a little more intimate, a little more personal,” DJ said.

“The crowd’s great. When you go to these massive festivals, you’re just a number. There are people who are there, not for the music, not for the arts; just because everyone else is there. This is definitely more about music fans.”

As well as the stellar lineup, with nearly all the acts releasing new music in recent months or just after the festival, the event will also feature a Kubb (pronounced koob) invitational.

“It’s an old viking game,” DJ said. “It’s quite funny. It’s really fun to play and fun to watch. It’s a game that myself and my friends play on the weekend – we just muck around. Last year the boys just brought the game and played it off their own bat and everyone was watching and asking about it.”

“So we decided to put on a competition this year. That’s going to happen at the start of the day,” DJ said.


And he’s nearly as excited about the music as he is about the Kubb, raving about all of the acts on the bill. “Black Sorrows have a brand new album out. Delta Riggs have a new single and an album coming out just after the festival.”

It’s only the second year Yellowood has been run and DJ says there haven’t been too many issues getting it off the ground, although the promotional side of things can be challenging.

“We’re not wanting to spend too much money,” he said. “We’re trying to do everything on the cheap – getting out there, physically doing it ourselves. We’ve been to different shows and fetes, literally running around handing out fliers. We took musos with us, busking and singing songs about Yellowood.”

“We’re also doing a night at Cambus Wallace where the artist come in and do an acoustic version of what they do and promote Yellowood. We’re just trying to do all these different things to get more of a grassroots campaign going.”


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Yellowood gallops into Alberton’s Gem Hotel, Saturday 30 August. Get all the details, and tickets at yellowood.com.au.

Find out more about Kubb at facebook.com/auskubb.

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