Hidden Treasures at Trader Trove

Christine Avenue sits quietly among the network of streets filtering through Miami. Its river-like stillness reflects in store windows. Behind the glass, each trade offers insight into an inimitable world.

Sitting proudly among these stores is Trader Trove, a haven of local and imported wares with a vintage flair. Ceilings soar above the showroom as natural light welcomes customers through the rustic doors.

Each item is hand-sourced by the owner, Avalon Beban, who prides herself on the eclectic space. Wicker, Afghan rugs and rattan energise the room like paint upon a canvas. She says building the business was an exciting project, one that is very close to her heart.

“I was very careful about the intention I set in the beginning and through each and every stage from the renovation of the building to choosing my staff and each and every piece we have on sale. I really enjoy sourcing the products, building my relationship with suppliers and staff is something I take very seriously and find really rewarding.

“The set up flowed really well, it was more my own expectations that I had to keep in check. I was working on intuition and making decisions based on that. It’s always the battle between mind and heart when working on something this way.”

Doors opened on Saturday, the 12th of November for the opening night of Mitch Gobel and Sally Mustang’s Paradise Valley exhibition. People filed excitedly through the entrance and the soft hum of discussion echoed through the effervescent space. Colour bounced back from the freshly painted white walls; an idyllic juxtaposition. The space housed the artworks as if they were its own.

The inspiration for Trader Trove was drawn from Avalon’s desire for a creative outlet, while connecting with other creative-types. The exhibition inspired the likes of a diverse crowd, some of whom travelled from the farthest nooks of the country to be present.

“I knew I wanted a space that facilitated people coming together to share knowledge and inspire one another. Creating a community was my main objective. I felt the space just needed to be created and it would organically grow and become something beautiful. I wanted a space with integrity and soul that felt really special to be in. I think I’ve created this and feel the vibes are playful, fun, soulful and in harmony.”

Avalon expects to showcase more events in the near future, with a strong focus on community events after the New Year. In the meantime, there will be holiday craft workshops empowering children to develop skills through a creative outlet, perhaps some Sunday sessions and the space is available for private event hire.

“We have a few things in the pipeline but you’ll have to follow us to make sure you don’t miss out on updates. We generally announce on our social media platforms & via our EDM, which readers can sign up to in store or via our Facebook page.”

Connect directly through email – hello@tradertrove.com.au

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