Him explores transition from boy to man at Glitter

When the Gay News Network interviewed David Geddes about his play Him, earlier this year he described it as raw, bold and a unique theatre experience. “The whole play is effectivelyt he transition of going into man-hood from the perspective of a 22 year old gay man/boy,” he told them.

But what strikes me as most interesting about this play is that it’s pegged for some serious audience interaction. “Immersive,” they call it. It’s already an unconventional exploration, but audience members can play a part in having “him” answer questions about life’s predicaments.

That means you actually get to participate as a single guy unpacks his insecurities, flaws and faults in order to discover who he really is and who he wants to be.
Glitter - Him

You can expect tales of soul crushing mistakes, parents, self denial, a dick or two, stupid dance moves, unrequited love and possibly some vagina.

“I talk about my experience of coming out, the trauma of personal denial of my own sexuality, the impact my parents had on that journey as well as the impact that trauma has had on my life in general,” Geddes told Gay News Network earlier this year.

Him was created by Geddes along with Daisy Brown and composed by Mario Späte. It will be at The Arts Centre Gold Coast as part of Glitter Festival for three shows starting Wednesday 30 September. Tickets are $28.00. Get more information at theartscentregc.com.au.

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