Fresh young Gold Coast hip-hop artist Jxdah takes out bars for bars competition

Hot new Gold Coast rapper and aspiring producer Jxdah was recently anointed as the winner of the inaugural Bars For Bars Competition, which seeks to unearth this country’s next big hip-hop / RnB artist.

Organised by the Alt. Music Group, Bars For Bars asked participants to share their fresh bars by singing or rapping over a beat of their choice and submitting the entry by video.

The competition attracted a bumper field of talented participants, with Jxdah remixing and dropping some hard bars on the Youngn Lipz song ‘Misunderstood’ to take out the title and snaffle a range of prizes, including a single release package valued at $2000.

We were recently able to track down this talented young man, known by family and friends as Judah, to find out what the win has meant to him, what makes him tick and where he’s looking to take his talents next.

Congratulations on taking out the title of inaugural Bar For Bars champion. How did you react when you found out you’d actually won?

Thank you! There was some serious talent in the competition from all over Australia with insane submissions – it was crazy I was able to come out with the W.

To be honest I didn’t think I was gonna win. It was the first competition I’ve entered, so when I got the official word saying I’d won I flipped. All my friends were messaging me like “bro, you did it!” I’m so grateful to Alt. Music Group for that opportunity.

Did you create your winning track especially for the competition, or was it a track you’d worked on previously? And is there a story / inspiration behind it?

The joint I made was a remix of Youngn Lipz song ‘Misunderstood’, a track I made especially for the competition, and a song I’ve always wanted to drop some hard bars on.

The inspiration for the track was to honour some people in my life like my mum and dad, who’ve always supported my ambition of being a music artist. Special mention also to my cousin Jireh, who has been instrumental in helping me in fine tuning my craft.

Have you had any opportunities come your way already as a result of taking out the title?

Absolutely. So crazy. The amount of support during and after the comp that came from the Gold Coast was hectic. After the comp, I got my first radio play on Triple J and (now) my first interview here at Blank GC! I’ve also been able to connect with some great local Gold Coast and Australian/NZ artists, photographers and videographers who are keen to collaborate. I’m so grateful and excited to cook up some new projects in the near future.

How long have you been involved in the hip hop scene?

Well I started producing about three years ago, but I decided to take my work as an artist seriously in early 2019. I started rapping last year but I have always produced my tracks that I release, and my ultimate dream is to become a full-time producer / artist.

Who are a few of your biggest musical influences?

I gotta say Travis Scott. His production, melodies and the energy he brings to every joint is insane and the way he attacks his tracks is unmatchable. I also take influence from his protege Don Toliver as well as Australia’s Kid Laroi, who absolutely kill their joints with crazy melodies.

Where do you like to hang out on the Gold Coast?

Man I’m always at home in my bedroom studio or at my cousins garage cooking new songs. Or else I’m out with my friends at Robina or Broadbeach.

Outside of music what do you enjoy doing?

Outside of music I like hanging with my family and friends, shopping and playing xbox and Rugby (up the Bulls!).

Where do you see yourself heading with your music / performance over the next few years?

As an artist I’m always aiming to improve release by release, and over the next few years I want to be able to connect with more and more listeners. In the near future, I am aiming to rotate on a few radio stations, establish myself on a few Spotify Playlists, collaborate with some big local artists and a dream come true would be to work with some international artists as well.

Do you have any new releases or performances coming up in the near future?

Yessir! I’ve collaborated and featured on new tracks with a few local GC artists (@tezzwtf and @drippykalbummode). And for anyone asking when my next project is dropping, it’s in December! This next EP is my biggest release yet, with so many surprises that I’m saving to announce with the Alt. Music Group. This one is gonna be soooo crazy!!

You can stream Jxdah’s latest release ‘No Option – Jxdah’ on Spotify and ITunes

Credit for feature image: @alisterrandellcommercial

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