Hobo Magic: Lords Of The Riff

Gnarly riff-lords Hobo Magic are one of the best bands in the region currently melting amps at the heavier end of the musical spectrum. Ahead of their upcoming gig at The Shark Bar on 5 November, Anthony Gebhardt fired off a few questions to the heavily grooveacious Sunshine Coast three piece.

Tell us about your new album, ‘The World Today’.

The songs forming the album kind of came together sporadically through jam sessions and jamming live. It was a pretty natural process as we didn’t set about writing all the songs in one hit for the album, we just hit a sweet patch of creativeness and productivity and it came together nicely. From recording the first live tracks through to the point of releasing it has been around a year and a half. It’s felt like an age but the extra time we spent on mixing and adding in tracks payed off in the end I think. The album was recorded in Yandina on the Sunshine Coast at a place called Mosh Pit studios.

Are you pleased with how it turned out? And how does it compare to your earlier stuff?

We’re stoked with how the album has turned out! We took more time in getting our guitar and bass tones exactly how we wanted them and also added some intricate little touches. Compared to our first album I think ‘The World Today’ is more aggressive sounding and captures the essence and sound of our live shows, which is perfect!

You’re about to kick off an epic East Coast tour of Australia to launch the album. Is this the biggest tour you’ve done so far?  And are there any shows on the tour you’re particularly looking forward to?

It’s definitely up there with the biggest we’ve done so far! North Queensland pubs know how to look after us, it’s always a treat playing up there so we are keen for those shows. The Melbourne leg is going to be rad and also the Jungle Love festival is going to be one hell of a party! But honestly, we’re excited to groove out to every show.

 How would you describe the Hobo Magic live experience?

“Sizzling like six charred cans of beans over a back-alley drum of kerosene.” – Bucky.

You’ve scored some impressive support slots along your journey, playing on bills with bands of the calibre of Earthless. Is there an artist that you’d kill to share a bill with?

Without the invention of a time machine getting a perfect bill together is impossible hehe. I’d say Black Sabbath, Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats and Colour Haze are some bands that would be epic to share a bill with. I could write a list a million pages long though.

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Be sure to catch the sizzling sounds of Hobo Magic when they play the Miami Shark Bar on Sunday, 5 November.

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