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Hockey Dad is made up of childhood friends Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming from NSW town, Wollongong. These dudes have been killing it on the music scene after scoring a place as a finalist in Triple J’s Unearthed High Competition and playing The Falls Festival, Byron Bay over New Years. Billy recently sat down to have a chat with Sarah McEwan.


How long have you and Zach known each other for?

I’ve known Zach since we were five, been putting up with his shit for that long. We used to just muck around with music for a long time, but only really started getting serious with Hockey Dad in the past two years. I only finished school last year and Zach finished a few years back, we only had just finished our Bad Dreams tour the day before my English exam. I was in Adelaide and was really hungover, but I made sure I got into uni.

Now you guys were finalists and Triple’s Unearthed High Comp, how did things change after that?

Yeah it definitely gave us such a push, people just starting liking it, so that was cool for us. Being at Falls was sick, we were on the stage for the New Years countdown with Alison Wonderland, no idea how we got there but we were just boogying up a storm.

How was your own set at Byron Bay’s Falls Festival, you would’ve been stoked to play the biggest stage, The Village.

Was so rad, we had a few Wollongong friends dancing in the crowd, but was cool to see people kinda spread out in our set, under trees and dancing around, and yeah playing such a massive stage, we felt so small with it just being Zach and I, but yeah loads of fun.

Now Hockey Dad are supporting DZ Deathrays in Febuary and March, getting keen?

Yeah, we’re so excited, but as equally as excited for Bass Drum Of Death too, who are also supporting, they killed it, so good. We scored the chance to tour with the DZ [Deathrays] guys from just hanging out with them really, super relaxed.

You guys recorded your E.P Dreamin with Tom Iansek from Big Scary and #1 Dads, how was that?

He’s really good to work with, and looking forward to working with him again, but he’s just so busy at the moment, he’s just killing it.

Do you turn to any particular artists for influence in your own music?

Yeah, see we listen to heaps of stuff but all so different, we’ll be listening to Patsy Cline one minute and then the Beastie boys the next, we kinda just pick parts from every artist and are influenced by them individually. It’s a good way to do it because you come up with some really weird stuff.

Big plans for 2015, going to come to The Gold Coast at all?

Yeah everyone’s still a bit hazy with the whole turn over thing at the moment, but yeah, big plans coming and just starting to set them into concrete, things will really start with the DZ tour and then everything will start rolling in. We’re constantly writing as well. We still haven’t played on the Gold Coast or Byron Bay, which is where we spend most of our time actually, but definitely wouldn’t mind playing the Coolangatta Hotel in the near future.
You can grab Hockey Dad’s E.P Dreamin, out now and catch them on Tour with DZ Deathrays.

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