Holding the GC Captive

Tasmanian forest horror-punks Captives are dropping by the Gold Coast to give us a taste of their forthcoming EP Butterflies, Diamonds & Lightning.

Most certainly a band to watch, this trans-seasonal jaunt which takes in Tasmania as well as Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Adelaide will introduce new audiences to music which bass player Damo warns us “is kinda heavy.”

“We come from an Island. Not your typical Caribbean type place surrounded with palm trees and coconuts, this is a convict island. In the 1800s somebody came up with a great idea to throw all the dregs of society onto a wooden boat and ship them off to the other side of the world. One hundred and seventy three years later and here we are; a punk rock ‘n’ roll band by the name of Captives,” they say.

They hit Crow Bar Brisbane on 8 August and Southern Cross Tavern right here on the GC on Saturday 9 August.

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Saturday 9 August
Southern Cross Tavern

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