Hollow Coves: Live review | NightQuarter, Gold Coast | Friday 24 August 2018

I recall a funny conversation during a previous interview with Ryan and Matt of emerging folk act Hollow Coves, as they prepared to head overseas to tour earlier this year. They’d been booked for a wedding and were still reluctantly saying yes to such offers. Ryan quipped humbly;

“We’re still working out how to say no to these sort of gigs. I don’t think people realise that overseas we’re kinda busy touring and pretty popular. Matt just said yes to a shift at Bunnings the other day. He’s gonna have to cancel. This might be our last wedding. Hopefully.”

It was with that in mind I laughed as the NightQuarter Wedding Fair played as support to Hollow Coves on Friday and saw the boys enjoying the grand finale wedding dress fashion parade in the front row as we turned up. Beaming, they just shrugged.

“Maybe one more wedding event is ok…”

200 or so fans were huddled around the wedding fair catwalk at NightQuarter to enjoy the chilled vibes of the Coves after filling their bellies with the variety of delicious street food available at the venue.

Ryan and Matt brought the local band with them, which delivered a bigger than usual sound, and experimented with a bunch of their new material, currently being recorded with the Bond brothers in the UK for a 2019 release. Quite a number more uptempo, but retaining that typical Hollow Coves style, a highlight of the set was ‘Beauty In The Light’ and a new cover of the James Bay hit ‘Hold Back The River’. As is the case with new tracks, some didn’t seem to have names just yet, but the crowd seemed not to care, with a few ladies in the back getting the dancing moves on, and rousing applause encouraging the gents on.

It’ll be one of the the last times you can check them out for $3 methinks, as the boys have already started selling tickets to their European and North American tours, after selling out Melbourne, Sydney and Perth on this latest Australian schedule.

I caught Matt on the way out who was looking forward to the upcoming BIGSOUND experience.

“Yeah, we bumped into the drummer from San Mei the other day and are keen to check those guys out. We’re gonna play some of our own new stuff in our few sets, and try to hang with some of the Gold Coast contingent at the conference before we head back overseas. The album’s only half done so that’s our focus coming into 2019.”

Hollow Coves play BigSound in Brisbane 4-7 September along with other Gold Coast acts, San Mei, Eliza & the Delusionals, Paces, Electrik Lemonade, Phoebe Sinclair and Black Rabbit George. Hollow Coves also play Live at Bond on 9 September.

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