Holy Holy bring new faces on tour, including Gold Coasters San Mei

Holy Holy are bringing their ‘Faces’ tour to Miami Marketta in November.

Tim and Oscar have created a little earworm with their new release ‘Faces’. Lyrically, the new track catches your attention with its direct approach to discussing humanity and how we engage and care for each other, whether online or in refugee camps. Oscar’s guitars, with which Holy Holy fans will be familiar, seem to take a back seat, as the production experiments with new sounds and styles, while maintaining those infectious melodies.

The tour kicks off mid-November and the band is supported ably by Clews, a sister act whose new single ‘Museum’ features some choreographed dancing along with a little emotive rock. They’ll be travelling across all the dates on Holy Holy’s ‘Faces’ tour.

For the east coast dates, Gold Coasters San Mei also join the parties, possibly a outcome of deft frontwoman Emily Hamilton’s production collaboration with Oscar from Holy Holy. San Mei played to solid reviews at BigSound in Brisbane this year and Gold Coasters who haven’t yet heard the sultry pop-rock melodies of San Mei need to do themselves a favour and catch the full lineup while they can.

Holy Holy play Miami Marketta on 23 November, from 7.00pm, supported by Clews and San Mei. Tickets via Oztix.


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