HOON: burning rubber and heading our way

Wollongong DIY creatives HOON peddle a unique and blistering take on the outer realms of alternative garage punk, embellished with a touch of sludgy psychedelia. The band travel a multi-faceted artistic path, the 4 piece collaborating on visual art, film and design to embellish their musical output.

The film clip for the track ‘Nature Boy’, off their debut record, premiered at the Clipped Music Video Festival at Vivid Sydney, resulting in the guys scoring a slot at the Yours And Owls Festival. Check it out!

HOON are in the midst of a full scale national tour, reaching us as part of the Sharky Sundays sessions this coming Sunday, 8 April, together with Stone Witches, Cakes, Cloacas and Nudist Blog.

In the lead up we had an enlightening chat with band member Daniel Breda..

You guys are outta steel city, Wollongong. What’s the local music scene like there, is there a strong grassroots punk and DIY scene bubbling away? And what’s your fave ever band outta Wollongong?

The music scene is actually thriving pretty hard at the moment. We have a lot of great bands coming out of Wollongong that are pushing things pretty hard locally, nationally and internationally. There’s a handful of boutique style Festivals and a couple of bookers and promoters doing some great things with a DIY ethos.

Favourite band ever is a dam hard question to answer, we owe a lot to bands like Tumbleweed and Hy-Test who have undoubtedly paved the way for our scene. But there’s nothing better than seeing your mates getting things done and doing it right, so we’d have to say bands like The Pinheads, Scab Baby and Space Boys.

The band is very multi dimensional, both in terms of sound and also in regards to the band members creative backgrounds around visual art, film and design. Your clip for the track Nature Boy was even featured at the Vivid Festival in Sydney last year. Have you always embraced a multi faceted approach when it comes to the band? And is it a collective approach, or do each of you specialise in different creative skill sets?

We’ve all been involved in both art and music prior to Hoon. Three of us have studied art at a tertiary level and have played in a couple of different bands throughout the time. I guess with Hoon and particularly with our album release, we just put all our eggs into the one basket and tried to make something together that we’d want to share with people around the country.

Usually one member will predominantly work on each of our videos or poster artworks, but we will each contribute ideas or small sections of content that can contribute to the overall work. We all have similar skill sets, mindsets and abilities so we can fortunately execute things as a collective.

You’re on a big East Coast tour at the moment in support of your most recent, self titled album. How’s the tour been going so far? Are there any shows that have stood out as being particularly memorable?

Yeah it’s been going great, which we’re stoked about. We had a couple of hometown shows at Rad Bar that both sold out and were both just awesome, so probably that. It’s hard to beat a hometown show, but Bendigo at Musicman was pretty insane too. A real fun night with a lot of great people, we’d not been there previously so we were pretty blown out.

You guys are playing at the Miami Shark Bar shortly. Have you played here (or elsewhere on the Gold Coast) before? And what can we expect from Hoon in the live realm?

Yeah we’ve played on the Gold Coast a couple of times now but this is our first time at Shark Bar so we’re really keen on that, we’ve heard sick things about it. We’ve totally lucked out with an absolute stellar lineup so we’re thinking this might be one of the best shows on this run. A Hoon live show will always involve a heap of yelling, flailing and rolling around paired with some pretty sinister delays and crunchy distortions.

So there you have it. HOON will be burning rubber and hitting the Miami Shark Bar this Sunday, 8 April. Be sure to get there early for the fully epic line-up, featuring the gnarly talents of Stone Witches, Cakes, Cloacas and Nudist Blog.

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