New music premiere: Hot Coffee | Talk Around Town

Gold Coast genre-benders Hot Coffee have brewed up a hip hop / funk fusion for the ages with their latest single ‘Talk Around Town’, and its accompanying iso-filmed video.

Previously a duo, Hot Coffee is now comprised of four members: Matt Hansford on lead vocals, Wade de Souza on production, drums and keys, Jacob Fisher on guitar and Cal Hughes on bass.  The four boys hail from completely polarizing musical backgrounds, ranging from deep hip-hop influences, to electronica and house, all the way classic rock and roll, and as such, Hot Coffee do not stray from experimentation. The result is a groovy and unique amalgamation of sounds.

We chatted to Matt about the latest vibes being put out from the group.

How does ‘Talk Around Town’ represent an evolution for the band?

These latest tunes are a clear evolution from the releases of previous years in the sense that they’ve been written by the whole band, with the whole band in mind, and with a very clear focus of what the songs are trying to achieve. We have been through so many different incarnations of unreleased songs throughout the years that range from emotional hip hop to soft R&B grooves to heavy hitting industrial EDM – it’s been a journey, and we’ve realised the folly in being so diverse with our musical productions in that we lose an overall focus within the music that is being produced. We decided we were much better off sticking to the things we are good at and staying within that lane, and the tracks we have had the most success with, both in the studio and at live shows, are the high energy, funky dancefloor fillers that make people move. ‘Talk Around Town’ is a clear stepping stone from the more beat-driven hip hop of the old releases and into the new infectious funk that Hot Coffee will be continuing to pursue.

Got any behind the scenes deets from the video shoot?

The making of this video was an unusual experience that’s for sure! The whole intention with the music video was to portray the isolation experience that most of the population has had to endure for the past few months of the year, but this of course meant that we had to have the whole filming experience done from each of our own respective living rooms. The amazing guys from Parachute Films who produced, directed and spearheaded the entire video effort were providing direction to each of us via video chat while we filmed the various sections they had mapped out through our computer webcams or phone cameras. One such moment involved Cal having to set up his phone on the window sill of his bedroom and dance for the entirety of the track, and due to lighting requirements he had to keep his blinds open for the sunlight to stream in – needless to say, many of his neighbours witnessed the terrible moves he was throwing out and now he’s afraid to take the rubbish out and be recognised.

What is your fave lyric from the new track and why?

The final verse where the beat really kicks into gear and the band starts bringing up the energy is full of great lines. The one that [I have] always been most proud of is “This Kill Bill hard, Uma Thurman with the swordplay”

What’s next for you?

More releases! We are on a roll creatively at the moment and are deep within the songwriting bubble at the moment, especially due to the current COVID climate forcing live gigs to unfortunately not be an option for the time being. That being said, with tentative plans for live venues to reopen in the coming months, we will be hitting the stage hard once the government allows it as our absolute favourite thing to do and as much as the online relationship with our fans has been fun we can’t wait to reconnect with everybody in person.

Check out the vid for ‘Talk About Town’ below.

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