Hands-on at HOTA for creative kids

Not only is HOTA a home for the city’s creative workers, it’s also the home for kids wanting to explore hands-on art. Over past months there have been all sorts of workshops targeted specifically at the young cultural consumer. Basically most of the major exhibitions and events at HOTA are offering ARTLABs alongside.

Well known local artist Byron Coathup (pictured) is one of the facilitators of an upcoming workshop. DIY Sunshine Domes takes places alongside Gallery at HOTA’s We Are Gold Coast exhibition, which will showcase some of the art it holds in its own collection.

Fresh from running family workshops during Festival 2018 and Bleach* for his Super Souvenir project, Byron will help children design and make a tiny, shimmery and sparkly Gold Coast sunshine dome. The workshop will get kids to think about what the Gold Coast means to them as they create a fantasy land to treasure and take home.

“It’s our job to design and make new, interesting and fresh approaches to how we absorb this city’s culture and atmosphere,” Byron said. “I like how this city can be whoever it wants to be.”

Byron says the city has a lot of layers, but personally, he chooses to live here for the freedom and lifestyle.

“It’s a place that has a really fast evolving culture and landscape – a place that will likely keep doing so for quite some time.  It’s important for artists like myself to live and stay here as the city needs creativity and critical thought, particularly during this rapid expansion.”

A far cry from shimmery domes, but just as hands-on, is a workshop focussed on hi-fi and lo-fi musical instruments and how sound is used to conjure meaning and tell stories. Local musician, producer, sculptor, acoustic technician, record studio and label owner Guy Cooper will help kids discover the beginnings of sound and music technology using everyday objects to make sounds and inspire drawings, colour and movement.

“It might be some leaves that when touched take us aurally to a rainforest and through microphones we can all add to and become part of that environment. Kids will also be given harmonicas to join in a musical soundscape adventure as they mimic the rise and fall of waves in the ocean or a bird soaring through the mountains,” Guy explained.

“Children take in so much visual content these days through the internet and screens, storytelling through sound and music alone can show us all how to close our eyes and use our imaginations again.”

Sound Stories ArtLAB with Guy Cooper, which supports ‘Musical Fairy Tales’ by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra takes place on Saturday 12 May with a 10.00am session for 5-10yo kids and a 1.00pm session for those 11-16yo.

Sunshine Domes ArtLAB with Byron Coathup which supports the free exhibition We Are Gold Coast takes place Saturday 9 June with a 10.00am session for 5-10yo kids and a 1.00pm session for those 11-16yo.

Get details at hota.com.au.

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