How to be a Cosmic Cheerleader

You love yoga and want to share the experience with everyone, so you figure it’s time to do yoga teacher training.  You start to research and woah… it seems like there are a million and one Yoga Teacher Trainings out there! Now it is extremely daunting and confusing to have to pick one and know it will be a good one. I have a bunch of tips that will help you sort out the one that works best for you.

First things first, decide the format of delivery that will suit you best. Are you happy to do most of your study online or would you rather all face to face? Do you have the resources and time to pause normal life for a month long intensive? Can you relinquish your weekends for around three months while you continue to work your day job? Would you like an overseas holiday while you’re at it or need somewhere closer to home? Answering these questions should start to reduce the options as you focus on the ones that offer your format.

Why are you doing the training? Is it to deepen your own practice or do you desire to teach? All courses will have a run down of what is involved and required throughout the course. I suggest that if you really want to teach, choose a training that requires plenty of practice teaching. You will feel far more confident to teach ‘real’ classes at the end of the course if you’ve been doing it throughout your course.

Word of Mouth is always a great next point of call. If you have a favourite teacher (cosmic cheerleader) ask them where they did their training. If you like their style the chances are a proportion of that came from their training. If you have friends who have done training, ask what was great and not so great about it, match that up with your values and expectations.

This brings me to the final tip, make sure the style of yoga taught on the training is a style that you know and love. Remember there are so many different types of yoga (hatha, vinyasa, iyengar to name a few) and so many different variations within each style, so make sure you are familiar with the style being taught. This is the style you will be practising in depth and the style you will be teaching. Also check if the training teaches a specific sequence or teaches you how to sequence a class, which would you prefer?

Research is a lot easier if you know which questions to ask. Happy choosing, happy training and happy cheering. Feel free to get in touch through if you have more questions.

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