OZTIX: What we wish venues knew about marketing their gigs

Beloved Australian ticketing company Oztix has a long history in cialis trazodone the music scene. The Oztix founders were working on events like Big Day Out and Livid Festival as event managers and saw approved cialis pharmacy a huge growth in online sales in the beginning of the noughties.

Gold Coaster Brad Hinds, the Company’s Senior Business Development Manager says Oztix founders Smash (Brian Chladil, CEO) and Stuart (Fields, MD) were managing the band Resin Dogs at the time as well as overseeing the band’s record label Hydrofunk.

“Hydrofunk was running its very simple online store for CD sales,” Brad explained.

“There was a Resin Dogs album launch generic 40 mg levitra show at the Arena in Brisbane and they came up with the idea to sell a ticket with the CD through the online shop. 150 tickets were sold to the event and the idea was born!”

Smash and Stu, along with an admin assistance, worked the business from a garage in Paddington before moving into office space in Annerley and then Woolloongabba, where they’re currently located.

“15 years on, Oztix is still proudly independent and managed by the same team,” Brad said. “And now has more than 50 full time staff across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia and hundreds of casual event staff across Australia and New Zealand.”

Oztix does much more than just provide a platform for ticket sales. Brad says the company has focussed a lot over recent years on technology and marketing – a key driver in choosing a ticketing partner for many people.

“We use data-driven marketing tools to get more people out of the lounge room and into venues and events by engaging our audience, and by continuing to offer the best new tech,” Brad explained. “The owners of the business and many of the key staff also come from an event management background, and we offer on the ground event delivery services on the day of the events.”

And it’s not all big festivals that Oztix services. Although they have their fair share of large clients (think Splendour, Crusty Demons, Wiggles, Powderfinger and The Triffid), they’re also servicing boutique events and venues.

“We ticket from 60 tickets to 60,000,” Brad said, “and some of our smaller clients include the Brass Monkey in Sydney (100 capacity), Vinnies Dive on the Gold Coast and Junk Bar in Brisbane.”

“We are also proud to work with smaller festivals such as Festival Of The Sun in Port Macquarie (who have been a client for 11 years).”

Oztix are also a ticketing partner for Gold Coast Music Awards, as well as a category sponsor for Venue of the Year.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that if anyone knows how to sell tickets to a gig, it’s Oztix.

So we asked them, if there were just three things you could convey to venues about marketing their events, what would they be? Here’s what Brad said.

What we wish venues knew about marketing their gigs: Oztix

MARKETING: One of our biggest obstacles is highlighting to our clients that Facebook and Google are not everything when it comes to marketing. They can change their rules or algorithms at any moment which can have a detrimental impact on marketing. This means that traditional ways to reach people such as mailing lists, street posters, flyers,  editorial and advertising in print media are still relevant.

CONTENT: Its always super helpful to have all the content ready to go when the on-sale date is approaching. This includes resized images for the ticketing provider and other promotional partners, event descriptions or press releases and interesting and unique images and videos.

IMPACT: The best time to make an impact with your ticketing sales numbers is the first week of the on-sale campaign. So front load the initial announce and on sale period with great content and the right information to build the buzz and encourage people to purchase tickets as soon as they are available. This could be via a special pre-sale window for fans, or having as many people as possible join your Facebook event. It is normal for sales to drop right off after the first week and then remain static until the last few weeks of the on-sale period. This is where it is important to have engaging content ready to go to continue to energise the audience throughout a 10-12 week campaign.

Celebrating Gold Coast’s best live venues

With the support of Oztix, Gold Coast Music Awards organisers last week announced finalists for the Venue of the Year category. HOTA – Home of the Arts, Soundlounge, Vinnies Dive Bar, Mo’s Desert Clubhouse and Miami Shark Bar are all finalists. Winners will be announced at a gala ceremony, right on the beach at Surfers Paradise on Thursday 2 May and tickets are available, of course, from Oztix.

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