Howling in to Surfers: Phil Barlow

Phil Barlow emerged as a solo acoustic musician in 2011 with the release of his EP, Shades of Grey and quickly discovered the power of a band. Enter Phil Barlow and The Wolf – a four piece band, sometimes five, they debuted with their album, Phoenix Rising in late 2012 and toured Australia’s East and South Coast throughout 2013 and 2014.

As well as a stand-out performance last year to a 2000-strong Mitchell Creek Rock n Blues Festival audience (their third year at the festival due to popular demand), Phil and his band also played killer sets at this year’s Blues on Broadbeach – again to much acclaim.

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken with Phil Barlow but not much has changed.

“The band is in a real nice space at the moment,” he said when I asked what’s been happening. “Enjoying the growing musical language with the space for spontaneous creation. It feels as though crowds are feeling that too and we are loving that connection.”

Some of the crowds of which he speaks are those who flocked to Phil Barlow and the Wolf shows at Blues on Broadbeach. Shows which came with rave reviews (particularly if ladies’ underwear thrown on the stage is anything to go by).

“Saturday night we played at the Liars Bar and it was intense and wild,” he said. “A full house with hungry ears and hearts full of the good stuff.”

“We rehearsed a few times leading up to keep the edges square so we could get loose in all the right places.”

“Sunday at The Envy Hotel was awesome in a different way. Raw, open, welcome home, where did you come from, good people kind of vibe.”

“Once Eric Burdon finished the crowd grew a lot, just in time for our second set with Scotty French. He randomly stepped in on drums as he just so happened to have a kit in the car!”

Scotty French, at it again.

Phil says he’s particularly excited about the show he’s scored at The Avenue on 14 August.

“The new Avenue is set up well for a show,” he said, of the city’s newest live music venue.

“We are now exploring the sax infused four-piece with Brad Scriven recently joining the band and so we look forward to sharing that with Gold Coast howlers.”

“People can expect true live music, presence, fun, freedom and growth.”

_ _ _ _

Phil Barlow is at Hard Rock Cafe, Surfers Paradise this Friday 19 August.


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