Distil Our Beating Hearts, at Husk Farm Distillery

There is a certain magic about location of Husk Farm Distillery in Tumbulgum, Northern NSW. Nestled within the Green Caldera, the eroded core of a once powerful volcano, the Tweed River and rolling green hills give way to the open valley where Husk Farm Distillery lies in compliment to its picturesque surroundings.

After the roaring success of their original Ink Gin, Husk branched out into producing a variety of rums and are now proudly the first paddock to bottle agricole rum distillery in Australia. What sets Husk apart from other distilleries is that their run is produced from the cane that grows on the farm, rather than the by-product such as molasses. For the Messenger family, the owners and operators of Husk Distillery, agricole rum has a more earthy, refreshing taste, and transports them back to their holidays in the Caribbean where their love of rum began.

Proclaimed to be “a fresh Northern NSW summer feeling in a glass” the Husk Pure Cane Rum is distilled from freshly crushed sugar cane juice straight from the Husk Paddocks and has the clean grassy, fresh flavour that is the earmark of an agricole rum. The highly coveted Spiced Bam Bam is naturally infused with wattle seed and sundried, locally sourced native ginger root, as well as some other secret botanicals for three months, giving it its unique spiced flavour. A new release by Husk is their triple oak, a thoughtful blend of three 5-year-old barrels from the 2013 harvest using American Oak, Ex-Bourbon and Ex-Port barrels. Husk are working towards releasing this “sipping spirit” once a year and recommend drinking like you would a fine scotch.  Ink Gin is the bright jewel in the Husk crown and has been causing a sensation since its first release in 2015. Deriving its beautiful amethyst colour and unique flavour from an overnight infusion in butterfly pea flower, an Ink Gin and tonic is sure to become your new favourite drink, if it isn’t already.

Visitors to the Husk Farm can take a Distillery Tour where, for $35, you can see where production takes place, learning how their gin and rum are produced and partake in a rum flight where you can try all three of the different rums, or a cheeky cocktail. Lasting for around 45 minutes and including a gin and tonic on arrival, this is a must book event for your trip to the Distillery.

The Planters Café has four menus a year based on the seasons and sources its wares from local producers.  Our choice from the current menu is the Husk Board filled with a selection of local cured and fresh meats, Byron Bay smoked fish rillete, speciality hard and soft cheeses, daily baked artisan bread, Byron Bay seeded crackers, organic dips, marinated olives and dried fruits.

Setting up the distillery at Tumblegum, the Messengers were focused on creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly Distillery that compliments its surroundings. Distiller and founder Paul Messenger reports, “we follow sustainable practices growing the raw materials for our rum and feeding the waste streams from both rum and gin back to our happy herd of cattle. What they can’t eat becomes nutrient rich compost to go back on our rainforest plantings, crops and gardens.” ‘Our fertile land and mild climate, along with our local cane varieties, our people and methods of production define our provenance and give our rum its unique terroir.”

It has been many years of planning and building, with a devastating flood along the way, for Husk Distillery to open their doors to the public, and we couldn’t be happier.

The Husk Farm Distillery is open 10:00am to 5:00pm Wednesday to Thursday and 10:00am to 6:00pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Distillery Tours can be booked on their website huskdistillers.com/

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