Hussies, nothing but damn hussies

Running something like the Gold Coast Music Awards for the first times brings with it some challenges. Not least of which is finding the money to pull the damn thing together (can I hear a big hell yeah for our amazing sponsors). But there are other things that sit heavier than even that. How do you decide on categories? Who do you get to judge them? How do you pick judges without automatically elevating them above other musicians on the Coast? And once you do that, can they ever really be considered as a candidate for an award themselves?

Enter the Hussy Hicks. I literally can’t even (and trust me, I hate that phrase). These ladies were the first we spoke to when we had the little brainfart that resulted in the first Music Awards here in a generation. In fact, they’re the inspiration behind the awards in the first place – and that in itself is another story. Without getting into too much detail, they were the logical choice to be the first musicians to sit on the judging panel for the awards and they will leave very big shoes for others to fill (should they decide to vacate that space). And then they cleared their calendar and agreed to be our house band for the night. We love them.

But so that you, our readers, get to know them a little better before they blow your minds on stage at our Awards ceremony, we wanted to share ten little known facts about these two hussies – Julz Parker and Leesa Gentz. And I hope you are buckled in…

  1. Julz played in the Phil Emmanuel band at just 15. See her playing with Phil and his brother Tommy some years later on youtube. We’ll share links at
  2. Julz Parker once got into a fistfight with Osama Bin Laden’s cousin in Dubai. (correction: Julz is adamant it was not a fistfight, rather a “bar” fight. Glad we made that distinction).
  3. Leesa signed to ABC Country Label at the age of 16…, which isn’t surprising, given that she’d already appeared in Rolling Stone magazine at just 15, hailed as a country music sensation.
  4. Julz helped to teach the Kings of Leon the song Blackbird while touring with them in the UK.
  5. Both ladies have shared the stage (and I don’t mean in support slots) with Michael Franti, John Butler, Kings of Leon, Nahko, Indigo Girls, Keith Urban, Edwarde Sharpe and a swathe of others.
  6. In Poland, their gear and car disappeared immediately before a show, so they hoofed it to a nunnery to borrow a guitar and ukulele so that the show could go on.
  7. Whilst swimming in Dubai, their car was broken into and all their belongings stolen – including clothes. That resulted in them being left in just their bikinis in a Muslim country, with a very strong police presence as a result.
  8. Leesa’s first manager was Michael Browning who also managed AC/DC and Noiseworks and she also shared management with Keith Urban.
  9. Julz caused a stir in an international airport when security asked what was in her guitar case. She said “a bomb” as a joke. The joke was on her after she was detained and missed her flight.
  10. The dog ate her passport. True story. Julz left her passport out at a friend’s place in Mobile, Alabama and the dog literally ate half the pages. Both ladies had to travel to Atlanta rather than the UK, which was their intended destination while it got sorted out. You can watch what transpired on Youtube or via our links at

Look, in summary, they’re incredible musicians, stand-out humans and humble to boot. We suggest you stump up for a ticket to the Gold Coast Music Awards and see them in action, along with some other special guests, for yourself.

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Hussy Hicks + friends | 2015 GC Music Awards, 22 July at Burleigh Brewing Co. Tickets at

Feature image (c) Polly Snowden | Pollination Music

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