Making a name for yourself in the highly competitive indie electro music scene is a tough slog. Idiio, however, are breaking the mould thanks to their lush, atmospheric interpretation of soul-infused electronic bliss. One Night, the Gold Coast x New Zealand is the group’s latest single and we asked Tyler Vivian (lead vocals / guitar) a few questions about the new track. 

Tell me about your new single? 

One Night is a calling from a higher energy that touches on a relationship that you are pouring your heart and soul into. You’d grow with that person being the blossomed flowers on the tree that represents you. But the higher energy gives you insight to be weary about who this person really is, under all the roses. Put trust in that consciousness, put trust in your “gut feeling”.

What’s been the response to the song so far? 

So far everyone that has heard it has nothing but good things to say. All mixed reviews as well, not just… yeah that was pretty cool. Everyone seems to have painted their own picture around the song which is exactly what we wanted. It’s one of those songs that you start to understand when you’ve listened to it a few times. The lyrics are very relatable.

You’re playing another GD FRNDS showcase next month, how are you honing your live show? 

We always look forward to these GD FRNDS showcases. Gives us an excuse to drink copious amounts of beer and play a little bit of music at the same time. We like to give our live set a little more energy than what you may hear on record. We add live drums and fat electric guitars to beef it up a bit so you get a different experience than just listening to us on iTunes.

What’s next for Idiio?

We have something different coming next. Our vision is becoming clearer on how we want to shape Idiio, sound-wise. Visuals in sight also. Either way, it’s going to be new and from a different perspective.

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Idiio join Telsa Cøils, Daily Holla and DiskoDisco at the GD FRNDS showcase, Saturday 3 June at Miami Shark Bar.

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