In Ashes Breathe new Hope

A name change, a new album and a story told through video have all been keeping Gold Coast’s hard-hitting In Ashes busy. Nate Rose (vocals) spoke to Nev Pearce about ‘Breathe Hope’ and what else lies on the horizon.

“It’s definitely a weight off our shoulders,” Nate said, of the new album. “It’s stretched out for a long time now, we’re really happy to finally get it out there and have something solid that’s got a good response.”

The band started writing the album in 2013 and Nate says “everything” was a challenge.

“We did hit a lot of roadblocks on the way but in the end we got the product we wanted and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we enjoyed making it,” he said, adding that the lengthy production timeline was intentional.

“We had the luxury of that because we recorded with our friend Nick Carpenter at Core studios,” Nate said. “So we could work in with him whenever it suited us to go in and track and with parts we weren’t happy with it allowed us to go in and redo.”

“We sent him demos and stuff leading up to the time that we were hitting the studio. And then he would just throw ideas back and say well let’s try this.”

“We didn’t want someone that would just go through the motions of track, track, track, done, done, done. He pushed us to get the best that we could do which was exactly what we were after in a producer.”

As well as finding a gun producer in the studio, In Ashes also worked with a gun director in Her Name is Murder for the video which accompanied the title track ‘Breathe Hope.’

“It’s an ongoing story that’s going to link up with the following videos,” Nate explained, “so it’s a little bit vague, but once these other videos come out it’ll bring the whole story together.”

Having recently changed band names from In Ashes We Lie to the truncated In Ashes, Nate says the band itself has had some other big changes.

“Me and Lee, the guitarist (originally bass) started the band back in 2011,” he explained. “The other guys in the band were Christian and Simon. Simon went on to play in The Delta Riggs. We were one of the first melodic rock bands, along with Morningtide, on the Gold Coast back in the day.”

“Most of our shows we’d play on the early days was Mary Street and Byron Bay, playing shows with Think Straight, Shoot to Kill, Winston from Parkway Drive’s first band called Blue Print for a Nightmare, then eventually Parkway Drive.”

“We actually played Parkway Drive’s first show ever in Byron bay. And then we actually started tracking for our debut album back then but the band broke up in 2003.”

Nate said he played with bands between, met current drummer Josh in a band called Satellite Years and the restarted In Ashes with their first show being a support slot for Amity Affliction at Surfers Paradise Beergarden.

“Which wasn’t a too shabby show to have a comeback show for,” he said, before looking to the future once more.

“This album’s been finished for 12 months easy, now. It’s taken us 12 months to actually get t out there. We’ve already started writing new stuff… looking ahead to maybe get a new single by the end of the year,” Nate said.

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In Ashes hit Miami Shark Bar 5 August before reminding crowds in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney that they know how to rock.



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