In Bed with Art of Sleeping

Christie Ots caught up with Caleb from Art Of Sleeping to find out what they have planned for 2015, how they spend their down time and what inspired their single Crazy.


Currently down in Armidale after ringing in the New Year at Falls Festival in Byron, the band is still riding the Falls high. Composed of Caleb Hodges (Vox/Guitar), Jean-Paul Malengret (Drums), Jarryd Shuker (Keys), Patrick Silver (Guitar) and Francois Malengret (Bass).

“Falls was pretty hot, but it was amazing”’ Caleb says.

“The festival was probably some of the best shows that we’ve had, the set at Byron was especially awesome! There was such a great vibe, everyone was out ready to party, and we road tested a few new songs which went really well.”

Speaking of road testing, the band’s single Crazy debuted November  24th 2014, however the song was first played at Splendour In The Grass 2013.

“Road testing really is a perfect method to test new songs. It wasn’t a conscious decision, we had just written Crazy and it’s really fun to play. The reception to the song was really great, even when people hadn’t heard it, so it was a definite for recording when the album came around.”

With lyrics like ‘Watch me, I’ve been here for days. Oh and I feel so cold when you’re gone. It’s when you walk away that I go crazy and now I’m wasting all my love on you’, I was curious as to what had inspired the song.

“My manager won’t like me saying this,” Caleb says laughing, “but he was going through a tough time. I’m a bit of a people watcher and I was noticing a few people around me going through a tough time. I was thinking about some of things people had said to me and a spark went off. I wrote the song in one day and sent an acoustic demo to our manager and it went from there.”

With a punchy melody and echoing vocals Crazy has been a massive hit for the band so far.

In 2013 on of our writers caught up with the band at Splendour in the Grass and the band had mentioned that they were excited to see Frank Ocean, who ended up pulling out last minute. This year at Falls Festival, Art Of Sleeping paid tribute to the absentee artist by covering his track Lost.

“I was really disappointed that Frank Ocean didn’t show up,” he says.

“It was a last minute decision (to play Lost), we were talking about our set and we have a lot of new music coming out this and we needed one more song – one that everyone knows. Our set was at three and everyone is pretty ready to party by then and someone suggested a Frank Ocean song. We had been jamming to that a few days before and it went really well.”

Following on from their 2012 EP Like A Thief, the band spent a lot of time touring and writing. Having had no money last time the recording experience was a fast-as-possible in and out experience. The bands latest recording was done at Airloft Studios, north of Brisbane, and the guys once again worked with Yanto Browning.

“We just get along really well with him,” says Caleb, “and we wanted to track Crazy and get it out there.”

However the guys make sure to take a break and have some fun when writing.


“We’ve done so many writing trips recently; we will rent out these houses and strip the house of furniture to make a massive jam room,” Caleb explains,

“It’s really fun, we’ll go out there and write and jam, but you get sick of playing music all day. We take our ping-pong rackets out there and everyone is really competitive. Jarryd our keyboardist is super competitive and if someone beats him at something he has to keep playing until he can get one up on them!”

Laughing as he explains how the band makes up games and sometimes creates equipment to play with it is clear the band incorporates fun into their creative process.

Caleb attributes the bands sound to their vastly different inspirations, which contributes to their unique sound, however one thing they can agree on is which band they would love to tour with next.

“We could have a three-hour argument internally on that,” he says laughing, “but I think three out of the five of us would say The Black Keys. Just because we have all been inspired by their music and the same music they have been inspired by. I think that would be a really amazing experience.”

The band recently worked on their new songs with Tom Iansek from #1 Dad’s and says the new music is their current priority.

“Our main goal is just getting on the road, introducing people to our new music and reconnecting with people. Australia is our priority; there is a super strong connection with people who enjoy music here. This is going to be a massive year for us! Last year we were just laying low and writing and then Falls was the start of our year. We will be touring the country quite a few times, and we have a few International things planned this year. We have so much new music it’s ridiculous, so we will just be releasing music this year.”

Thank God we can expect more new music, as all fans new and old are eagerly anticipating the sophomore album. In the meantime you can catch the band on their Crazy tour.

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