Incubus: Live Review + Gallery | Brisbane Riverstage | Monday 12 March 2018

The turn of the century was fraught with bands trying to break into the big time. Grunge was pushed to the back, rock was marching forward and pop was sandwiched in between with no real place to call its own. As this new age of music was being born, Incubus was at the forefront of the shift in power, ready to bring their unique sound to the masses.

Their sound is massive, their stage presence phenomenal. Launching a full scale assault on the eardrums, they leave no stone unturned in pleasing the multitude of fans that have ventured out on this mild Monday night. It’s hard to categorise their sound. Sometimes rock, other times, mellow soul driven ballads, they are a genre unto themselves. Many try to emulate them, but none thus far have been successful.

Riverstage tonight is a mass of people living their own personal connection to this amazing band. As beverages are consumed and the smell of weed is thick in the air, Incubus has a way of making each and every member of the crowd feel as if they are talking directly to them. And you know what? In a way, they are. Whether it be their blistering guitar solos, their progressive percussive work or Brandon’s flawless vocal range, Incubus has built a fan following through their own signature sound.

It’s hard to know where to start listing songs throughout such a massive set. Making sure to cover every aspect of their extensive career, and adding in a perfect rendition of INXS’ ‘Need You Tonight’, the boys never skip a beat and hit every note with precision. ‘Pardon Me’ gets the crowd moving like it’s an early millenium mosh pit, as ‘Loneliness’ brings it down a notch to help the revellers to regain their composure for the encore. A beautifully extended version of ‘Sick Sad Little World’ where the solo is broken down and drawn out is a perfect compliment to the setlist. As the main setlist rounds out with mellowed-out version of ‘Wish You Were Here’ (with a fitting tribute to Pink Floyd’s iconic track of the same name), the crowd is left eagerly champing at the bit for more of Incubus’ infectious grooves.

Taking the stage to deliver a finale of a stripped down version of ‘Drive’, you can’t help but stand in awe of these accomplished musicians as they have given us a show that has perfectly summed up their brilliant career. Disembarking Riverstage,we all feel a sense of satisfaction that we have just experienced a show of phenomenal proportions of a band that defined their own sound and gave us musical hope in our darkest hour. And for that, we thank you Incubus.

IMAGES (c) Dan Maynard Photography

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