Indelible art: Look Mum… No Hands!! gets legless at the Arts Centre

After sell-out performances at Brisbane Powerhouse and Redland Performing Arts Centre, the Indelability Arts cast is set to bewilder and intrigue Gold Coast audiences for one night only with Look Mum…No Hands!! (The legless bar years).

If you’re a fan of trivia, stand-up comedy, or karaoke, then the open-mic-night-style setting at the Legless Bar is a once-a-year event not to be missed. Filled with side-splitting antics, music, and heart-warming stories which stay with you long after the show, the Indelability cast ensure a wild night of entertainment.

Show producer Catarina Hebbard answered some questions in the lead up to the performance.

How did Look Mum…No Hands!! come to fruition?

In May 2015 we received funding through the Brisbane City Council Community Development and Capacity Building grant to go into creative development for our first work Look Mum…No Hands!! Through the show we wanted to explore the relationship between the artist and their craft and how as artists the imagination knows no bounds – anything is possible and if the opportunity is there and expectations aren’t lowered then the sky is the limit.  In November 2015 we had two showings of the material the team had developed.
Following on from those showings we called on our audience for their feedback and… we were showered with positive feedback and wonderful compliments as well as some incredibly useful constructive criticism.

What were audience reactions to the previous shows in Brisbane and Redland? 

We sold out our show at RPAC – had to add extra seats – the show was a hit. The audiences were hooked in from the word go… standing ovations and then this was followed with a Q+A session led by the ensemble. We had 90% capacity at the Brisbane Powerhouse with a couple of the shows selling out before we even set foot in the venue. Audiences were on their feet again at the end of each show and fully engaged throughout the show.  

You mentioned that audience perceptions were shattered upon seeing the show. How was this the case? 

We had a number of patrons comment on the show not being what they expected… or they didn’t know what to expect but were totally blown away by the performances and the whole show. Everyone loves that the team write their own music (and then perform it as part of the karaoke competition). I think what we hear most is that the work we do doesn’t fit into any box. It’s hard to say this is just a piece of theatre because it is so much more than that – It’s honest and raw and yet very polished and well rehearsed – but you don’t see ‘actors’ on stage trying to make you think they are someone else. Somehow our ensemble manage to transcend that and the audience walk out feeling like they’ve had a great night of entertainment and also walk away feeling good, but also thinking… we make people think and we our shows get people talking and that is so great!

Look Mum… No Hands!! Is showing at the Arts Centre Gold Coast on 18 February. Tickets at

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