Indie Now: The Bite Sized Series Empowering Artists

“I have a mission to inspire and empower at least one million indie artists in my lifetime,” says artist mentor and marketing specialist Emily Holler from Mojo Bullet. It’s a grandiose goal and one she is aiming to make reality with her new project Indie Now.

Inspired by New York publicist Ariel Hyatt’s online training videos, Holler set out to establish something similar with a focus on the Australian music industry. As a result Indie Now offers bite-sized advice each week designed to give indie artists a boost through accessible education from experienced industry professionals including Joel Edmondson, CEO of QMusic, Stephen Green, SGC Media Group, and Kylie Cobb, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang PR.

“Music is a career which is often considered to equate to a life of poverty and struggle, yet the very fabric of our culture relies on the inspiration and comfort provided by the power of music,” explains Holler when asked about why she feels the need to educate artists. “It is so important for great artists to be able to do their important work without being in a state of constant worry from financial constraints. The more artists I can help to become sustainable the better off the world will be.”

A key part of every episode of Holler’s new series is the focus on encouraging artists to take more personal responsibility. Emily went on to explain that “educating artists to consider their music career as a business and treat it as such is vital.” It’s something she sees artists struggle with constantly, along with a cohesive brand identity, another topic covered in the episode with Polly Armstrong. 

Designed to spark conversation and build confidence in indie artists Holler’s mini-series is just the start in a grander project to come in 2019 to help creatives achieve their personal and career goals. But for now the new mini-series explores a wide range of topics including ‘Is The Album Really Dead’, ‘How to Write a Standout Bio’ and ‘When Do I Need a Publicist?’

“Many artists hope that they will be discovered by a label or manager and that they will be able to leave industry folk to do the work while they create. While this dream can come true for some artists, the vast majority don’t encounter this opportunity and even if they do I believe it’s always best to maintain control of your own career. I believe artists should develop the mindset of a CEO no matter how many team members they are working with,” Emily said.

And that focus on mindset starts from episode one. Indie Now is the perfect stepping stone for any artist that wants to learn more about the industry before taking the next step to invest in specialist services. In Holler’s own words “we should commit to becoming lifelong learners. This is a constantly evolving industry so it’s important to keep taking in new information. I truly hope that artists utilise this series for their benefit.”  

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