Who’s the most inspirational woman you know?

We asked this of some of Blank’s awesome regular female contributors.


Tiffany Mitchell

With her music reviewer qualifications beginning in the 70’s – a child mesmerised by satin-clad symphonic Glam rockers on Countdown – Tiffany is a supporter of the ever-growing music culture on the Gold Coast and loves writing about all music genres for Blank GC.

“The most inspirational woman I know is Narelle Urquhart – Wiradjuri woman, mother, artist and the Indigenous Cultural Support Officer at Bond University. Through the telling of achingly personal stories such as her family being two generations stolen and the consequences of her grandfather being a ‘Black Rat’ of Tobruk, as well as integrating Aboriginal cultural awareness and justice events in the workplace, Narelle has also given emotional support to the Indigenous students and engaged the non-Indigenous community.”

Nae Kurth

Nae is a psychologist, book reviewer, and writer, whose inspirational life story—of eating cheese—will one day be immortalised in books about strong cheese women.

“Recently, we gave a friend a special copy of ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2’; it included her own life story, which I wrote and inserted in the book. While writing of her achievements, I realised something incredible: I could write the same for every woman I know, including those unseen. Women, all around, doing what they can, even if that’s just surviving, making ends meet, juggling demands… Carving out a space for themselves and often fighting against systems that tell them they shouldn’t, can’t. So many women inspire me, no matter how far along they are to self-worth.”

Amanda Gorman

Amanda is an animal loving cheerful chatterbox who loves drawing, music, anything vintage and cups of tea in a proper teacup, saucer and teapot. Amanda is Blank GC and the GCMA’s partnerships manager.

“I am artistically inspired by a local artist friend of mine Brianna Thompson who combines being a mother of two along with a successful fabric design career. She does incredible hand drawn work transforming it digitally to fabric. I am in awe of her work. Emotionally I cannot go past my biggest cheerleader and supporter, none other than my big sister Simone. Some people just know you inside out and her strength, generosity, resilience, kindness and compassion for others inspires me to grow and be the best version of myself I can be each day.” IMAGE (c) Lamp Photography.

Kylie Cobb

Kylie has been banging on about media and marketing in the music industry in her monthly Blank GC column for just over two years now! Juggling a husband, two children, a puppy and her killer PR agency, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, Kylie spends her spare time sleeping and getting cheap thrills reading women’s erotica.

“One of the most inspiring women I know right now is Leanne DeSouza. Leanne is a highly principled and fierce woman, bravely fighting at the forefront for real change in equality in the creative industries. She is not afraid to have the hard conversations and to show vulnerability and transparency in the challenges that she has faced as a modern woman balancing family, friends, relationships and work.” IMAGE (c) Hanna Hervall.

Marj Osborne

The dual roles of food writer and teacher-librarian encompass Marj’s ‘consuming’ passion: the art of story. As food writer for Blank GC, she sets out to discover the stories lurking behind each plate.

“One of the most inspirational women I’ve known was my adoptive mother. Ethel accepted each of us for who we are without expectation of anything in return. When we entered the room, her face lit up. Nothing is more encouraging than a mother’s smile. Mum did not achieve ‘great’ things in her life, but she did so much for others, making the world a better place. I learned a lot through her attitudes of hard work, kindness and volunteerism – qualities that I have tried to emulate in my own life.”

Simone Gorman Clark

Simone is a curious and friendly wanderlust soul, food and wellness nerd, beginner yogini and animal lover who supports behind the scenes in Advertising and Partnerships while writing about lifestyle, culture and music for Blank GC.

“Different women inspire me for different reasons however the two constants beside me through my lows and cheering me through my highs are my mum Nola and my sister Amanda.   Mum has inspired me by showing me many a great thing can be achieved with consistency, unconditional love truly can conquer all and your heart-felt thoughtfulness and kindness changes the way people feel which in turn changes you.  Amanda continues to inspire me with the way she is true to herself, is an incredible mother and sister, with her determination, resilience, kind heart and optimistic view of people and the world.”

Leisen Standen

Over the past four years, Leisen has been Blank’s In-house photographer taking stunning portraits and powerful live music shots across the Gold Coast.

“At the moment it would have to be 1 Million Women founder Natalie Isaacs. Natalie’s created a movement of women and girls from all over the planet who are together building a lifestyle revolution to fight the climate crisis. With a large following on social media, 1 Million Women offers effective, practical tips on how to cut pollution in our daily lives. The climate crisis can be overwhelming and we’re often left feeling like anything we do is just a drop in the ocean. But through offering basic tips and fascinating statistics, 1 Million Women doesn’t make it feel like such a monumental task.”

Nadia Achilles

Nadia is a passionate live music lover and has been contributing to Blank as a photographer for the last three years.

“The most inspirational woman I know is my wife. She has seven degrees, two almost adult children and a very successful career. She is very passionate about her work and she has the attitude and belief that she can and will accomplish anything she wants, she is afraid of nothing. When her sons were of school age she felt disillusioned with the schooling system so she decided to be the change she wanted in the world and become a teacher. She has been changing the lives of her students ever since. I am constantly inspired by the purpose and drive she has. She is intelligent, funny, articulate, fierce, loyal and loving.”

Natalie O’Driscoll

Natalie is a passionate writer, feminist, musician and foodie who adores both her jobs as Cultural Editor for Blank and mum of cheeky Charlie.

“The women in my life all inspire me in different ways. My mother is unapologetically unconventional, and one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. My best friend Nic is fiercely loyal to and supportive of her loved ones, my son’s Aunty Lou has fought cancer with an incredible amount of determination and positivity, and my friend and Blank’s editor Sam is a never-ending wellspring of fabulous ideas, and what’s more – she makes them happen! There are too many others to mention them all here, but I feel blessed to have such a group of hilarious, talented, nurturing, interesting and successful women in my life.”

Pip Andreas

Pip lives a rudderless, shame-free life on the Gold Coast, writing about everything from health and art to technology and business. #METOO

“Anais Nin. As women’s stories about sexual violence have emerged from the #METOO movement in the last 6 months, I have been struck by how ashamed women have been made to feel about expressing themselves sexually. Anais Nin was sexually abused by her father, yet freely, unashamedly explored her sexuality. Through her diaries and books she became one of the most influential writers of erotica of all time. She lived her bohemian life on her terms that included an open, passionate affair with a married Henry Miller, and bigamy on both coasts of the US. Gotta love an early feminist who squarely raises her middle finger at the conservative patriarchy of her time.”

Eden Tokatly

A writer with Blank since 2015, you’ll find Eden in the mosh or at law school – listening to old school blues or west coast rap. At either ends of any extreme is where she calls home.  

“My then personal trainer now spiritual mentor Trish Allen, my mother from another brother Kylie Mitchell Smith, Blank’s chief Sam Morris, solo traveller Helena Morgan or fictional crime fighter Olivia Benson? Sometimes the obvious choice is the correct one. Dear mum, moving to a myriad of different schools and working full time in high school you’ve built a resilience that not everyone has. I love that you were never the ‘soccer mum’ type. I love that I can say I’ll see you at Splendour or in the mosh at Falls. You are not dysfunctional, just unconventional – and that’s what I aspire to be.”

Erin Bourne

Erin is hard to describe in a sentence but she is a yoga teacher who, with Blank, gets to combine her lifelong love of punk music and new passion for writing.

“I’m surrounded by inspiring women, the Blank gals among them, so it was a tough choice to single out Susy Boyer, artist. Susy epitomises all that I find inspiring. She has been following the road less travelled, creating a career from art while she raised three awesome boys on her own. Susy has this infectious enthusiasm for life, finding and capturing the magic and beauty of the everyday.  She is constantly learning, dabbling and experimenting with health as well as creative outlets. All this and a fun personal style that makes me want to rethink my wardrobe.” IMAGE (c) Lamp Photography.

 Catherine Coburn

Catherine has the following skills and super-power abilities: being loud, falling over at inopportune times, an inability to be punctual, mediocre photographer, excellent Instagram boomeranger and a love of coffee, which she has written about for Blank for the past three years.

“The most inspirational woman I know is my mother Catherine, who is clearly awesome as we have the same name! First and foremost she is hilarious, whether she intends to be or not, who is always up for a laugh even when it is at her expense. My appreciation of her develops as I grow in age as I begin to understand her more and how much she did for my siblings and me. From raising three kids, to going to university as a mature-age student and becoming a published author, she has led a remarkable life that includes travelling the world and instilling in my siblings and me the same love of adventure.” IMAGE (c) Peter Wheeler Photography.



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