Interconnected at Anthea Polson Art

“The power of interconnectedness and transformation starts within us. And the possibilities are endless” says artist John Giese. “I am fascinated with ideas of impermanence, the interconnectedness and interdependence of life; the fluid, changeable nature of form. I use my art as a way of exploring these concepts.”

The recurring motifs in Giese’s paintings – the horse, the bull and the dog – derive from the authenticity and directness of one’s childhood and those memories we carry within for life. More precisely these animals come from memories of childhood experiences at his uncles’ farms: being put on a horse at the age of three; observing with awe the power of massive bulls; the companionship of the ubiquitous dogs “hanging around”.

Giese has recently moved to Brooms Head, a sleepy coastal village that has hardly changed since the childhood family holidays. “Coming back here represents a falling back into those times … Out of range from the urban jungle, one is more directly in touch with the rhythm of nature.” Giese explains. “In simplest terms, I paint what I love – animals and the mystical, magical beauty of all life.” Dogs preoccupy Giese’s art regularly, if not even mostly. They have a very long relationship with humans in general and with Giese in particular and so Giese has used them as a metaphor for human beings and our journey through life. “They are decorative, individual, scarred and possess a physical confidence.”

Another striking aspects of Giese’s work is his use of colour. His carefully chosen colour schemes and contrasts have a symbolically charged language; earth colours represent the elements while the primary colours represent light and its spectrum. “The formal qualities I use aim to effect the viewer; to make them feel they are in the presence of something human, something authentic and something very rare.”

John Giese frequently exhibits in Melbourne, Sydney and the Northern Rivers region. His exhibition John Giese – Interconnected is showing at Anthea Polson Art, located at Mariners Cove, Main Beach until 31 October. More at

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