International Surfing Day comes to Board Culture this Saturday

For most of the year, Surfrider Foundation works to protect our coasts. On one day they take a moment to reflect on the impact they’ve made,  the campaigns they’ve won and the beaches they’ve protected.

That one day is International Surfing Day, celebrated annually around the solstice. This year on Saturday 25 June.

Simon Witt is a member of Surfrider Foundation Gold Coast and he said that International Surfing day celebrates the joy of surfing and conservation work by the organisation through the surf community.

“This year’s celebration is being held at Board Culture Community Surf Shop,” he told Blank GC. “It provides space for music, market stalls, a movie, great coffees and other beverages and bites.”

The event, which will be free of single use plastics will bring together surf and beach enthusiasts and includes a screening of the documentary, Manufacturing Stoke.

“Manufacturing Stoke shows the global surf industry’s dirty little secret,” Simon said. “And provides sustainable alternatives through individuals that are trying to make a difference!”

As well as the film, International Surfing Day will include sustainability and surf-related markets, food, drinks and shakas for days.

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International Surfing Day takes place Saturday 25 June from 3.00 – 7.00pm at Board Culture, which is located at 2442 Gold Coast Highway.


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