Leah Martin-Brown hung five with WAAX as they breezed into the coast for a gig in November.


You guys only formed 9 or so months ago and yet have had some amazing support slots, frequently played The Zoo and released a demo EP. Why do you think you’ve become so popular with the scene and what are you hoping to do in 2014?

I think we capture people’s attention because we’re so different. What’s considered hip/cool in Brisbane is pretty far removed from what we’re about… We don’t quite fit in, but I guess that’s what makes us stand out. And we never want to fit in anyways.

We work really hard and live together, so the band is our life. It’s all we talk about or think about. We are all extremely passionate people so we’re into making things happen quickly.

2014 means an east coast tour and recording an EP.


How did you all meet and decide to form a band?

Marie had heaps of solo stuff and needed someone to help her record. At the start of this year she moved to Brisbane and met her new housemate Jordan through her friend Elijah from uni. Jordan and Elijah were schoolmates and jammed together for years. She asked Jordan to help her record – as he was an audio-engineering student at JMC and he asked if she actually needed a band. Of course she said yes. They got Elijah on board and they soon met Tom (the drummer) whilst jamming at his rehearsal studio. And so WAAX was born. And we are now family.


Your Gold Coast debut was a relatively large one- supporting Von Villains at Elsewhere for their EP launch. How did it feel to come down and play at a venue that is considered Marie’s stomping ground? How did you find the crowd?

It was really great to finally show Marie’s Gold Coast friends what we’re about. It was packed despite how early in it was. The Von Villains are really lovely guys and we’re lucky enough to be playing with them again at the Northern in Byron ( 20 December).


If you could describe your sound in only a few words, what would they be and why?

Theatrical: because our music is very up and down and dramatic.

Energetic: all of our songs are intense and end up making us sweat a lot.

Rock: because we comprise of the elements to fall under that genre, I guess.


You guys are incredible onstage and have an amazingly energetic/frenetic live show- is that something you’ve worked hard on or does it come naturally to you?

Gee thanks, dude! It’s all natural. We are passionate misfits and that comes out in our performance. We’re all pretty chilled kids, but we’re all completely different personalities on stage and it’s just instinctual. We draw a lot of inspiration from punk rock in terms of our onstage persona.


Any further news you’d like to add?

We have four more shows til we cap off the year. We have a very special headliner at The Zoo (Brisbane), 19 December and The Northern in Byron on 20 December.


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