Introducing AYA J

Recent finalists at the Queensland Music Awards (QMAs), innovative electro-pop act AYA J are a band going far in a hurry. The duo of singer-songwriter (and Gumbaynggirr man) Angus Field and American drummer Sam Miller have only been performing together for a little over 12 months, and in that time they’ve already put out their debut EP, ‘Tenth Street’ and are currently in the midst of a sell-out tour.

Having just dropped their latest single, ‘I Want You’, the guys took time out to give us an insight into the inner workings of all things AYA J.

How did you come to make music together – I understand you only recently formed during the pandemic?

That is correct we were very fortunate to meet through a mutual friend. I (Sam) was studying Sport and Exercise Science at Southern Cross University where I had the pleasure of meeting one of Angus’ closest friend from his childhood. He introduced us and we immediately hit it off. Soon after we were spending most of our time rehearsing and perfecting our music. During the thick of the pandemic we were able to put a lot of time into the project, which is paying off for us right now. Everything has happened quite fast for us, it has almost been 12 months since we released our first single, ‘Layla’, and we’ve already had a national tour which we are about to wrap up in Brisbane next month.

Are you currently working on any other new material and if so, is it in a similar vein to your previous work?

We have plans to put our several singles this year. Our new single ‘I Want You’ came out on 1 July. We wrote that song in December of last year in Sydney with singer/songwriter ANGE and producer ETHAN and recorded it with Tom Garnett at Studios 301 which was an unreal experience.

We are currently working on a music video with local Gold Coast videographer and photographer Tristal Solar-Young for our follow-up single which will be released in Spring, with another scheduled for Summer. We’ve worked with legend producer Jobrizz on quite a few songs and we can’t wait to get them out for everyone to hear. They are a little different from our previous material. The next ones are unique in their own way and still have the AYA J flavour, but with more up-tempo summer beats and vibes.

Where would you like to see yourselves musically in five years’ time?

AYA J has aspirations to play some bigger shows and festivals around Australia such as the Splendour In The Grass and Falls Festivals. Our producer lives in Germany and has strong ties throughout the European music industry and we luckily have a growing listenership in Europe and the UK and plan to tour overseas as soon as the borders open up and spread our music to places all around the world. And with Sam being from America, we also have a strong fan base in The States, as many of Sam’s friends and family follow and support our tunes religiously. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. We are committed and are prepared to go as far as we can with our music. We’d love to be a massive up-and-coming act to come out of Australia in the future.

AYA J will be heading down to Sydney on 4 July playing alongside fellow Gold Coaster Budjerah, and Mo’Ju at Barangaroo NAIDOC Up Late and then will be headlining a show in Brisbane on 14 July at Black Bear Lodge with Gold Coaster Rene Le Feuvre. Their new single ‘I Want You’ has just dropped. Follow @ayajofficial for more, and check them out on Spotify. You can listen to ‘I Want You’ below:

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