Introducing Clawmachine: the master of chill

Dylan Lindquist is ClawMachine and you’ve probably never heard of him. But if you’re a fan of chilled pop with soft, mesmerizing vocals (or even just wind chimes), then you need to hear him, stat. He’s just released a beautifully crafted single titled huh – with vocals by local songstress TØBI – which comes on the back of his debut self-titled EP. We had a quick chat to Dylan on the eve of the song’s release.

Tell me about your music?

It’s so challenging for me to describe music, especially my own; the first thing that comes to mind would be chill, but at the same time it’s not slow, if that makes sense? Some of it is stuff that you could dance to just as easily as relax to, which is a quality I really like about it. It’s definitely going down a much more synthy and chill out vibe though after I was introduced to artists such as Mallrat and LANKS.

Your single Huh features the vocals of TØBI– can you tell me about her

TØBI lives here on the Gold Coast, born and raised. Wewent to the same TAFE, but didn’t really meet until 98 Collections – who we both work under at the moment. I asked to see if her voice would fit on my instrumental; which obviously turned out pretty well and we’re both stoked with the final product. She’s currently in the middle of writing and producing her debut stuff (which is sounding absolutely HOT), which we will hopefully see being put out into the world in the next few months.

You sampled wind chimes for the track – what else have you sampled in the past? 

The wind chimes are beautiful right? If you listen closely to the track you can also hear the soft sound of my friend fountain pouring into the pool, as well as some bird noise hidden in there. If you’re a Simpsons fan I actually also sampled the song Can I Borrow a Feeling that Kirk Van Houten sings in the divorce episode, which I was able to turn into a cool chill track (which you could probably find buried on my Soundcloud).

I’ve never heard of you before, why is that? And what’s on the horizon?

I’ve only previously released my debut EP, so I wouldn’t be surprised if almost nobody has heard of me; I’ve got big plans for this year though! I have a few more awesome collaborations with some talented vocalists coming out and then I’m also currently working on the live show, we’ve got the whole band ready and rehearsed and we’re going to start gigging around May.


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