Introducing The Mint Art House

The Mint Art House, situated on 55 West Burleigh Road, is a recently established collaborative arts studio, gallery and event space occupied by eight of the Gold Coast’s most creative artistic types, including painters, artists, potters, sculptors and ceramicists.

When chatting with a few of the resident artists, including Nat Popovski, Andrew Cullen, Emily Rose and Judy, they were all extremely positive and enthusiastic about what it means for them to be involved in organically growing a collaborative, community-based arts space and creative hub.

“It’s really inspiring and motivating for us to be working side by side with each other, as opposed to being isolated in our own studios, or carports, as the case may be! And I think all of us being here together has really made us lift our game as artists. Everyone has really positive experiences, we get a lot of comments from people dropping in about how inspiring the space is, how friendly everyone is and how easy it is to connect with the people they meet here.”

In addition, the venue also plays host to a range of community workshops run by the artists, known as ‘Workshop Wednesdays’. The underlying philosophy behind these workshops, is to create an environment that acts as a shared conduit between artists and the public to facilitate an ‘anyone can do it’ mentality to being creative.

The coming month sees a number of workshops already confirmed, including introductions to watercolour art, pottery and sculpture making.

The space has also been holding movie nights, screening cult and critically exalted films from around the world that have shaped and driven cinema and culture over the decades.

Moving forward, the artists are happy to ride the current momentum and go with the flow, growing the space, in the organic, creatively free flowing manner in which it has been evolving over the six or so months that it has been in operation.

The Mint Art House is open to the public to view or purchase the artists’ works. For more information, go to or phone 0400 789 193

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