Introducing Wallapalooza’s Wrath

The Wrath, formed in 2003, are quite simply a rock and roll band. Tommy Kreeper (lead vocals / song writer) formed the band as an outlet for his energy, although he says there’s always been an intention to push boundaries and be consciously different. We got to ask Tommy a few questions ahead of their appearance at Wallapalooza.

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You’re my new favourite GC band, but why have I never heard of you before now? 

Maybe your parents did a good job of keeping you away from the creatures of the night types like us until now…..

 You can take just one other Wallapalooza band on tour around the world. Who do you take?

I haven’t met or seen all the bands on the bill yet, but at this point I would say Smoking Martha would be fun to drag on tour. They’re old friends of ours and the partytimes would roll pretty easily with them.

You say that Danzig, Cure and ACDC are your influences… it there anyone who’s the anti-influence – someone you aspire to NEVER sound like? 

If we ever sound like anything that comes near or resembles Kanye West you have my permission to blast my face off with a shotgun. 

What’s it like being a heavy rock band on the Gold Coast? What are your audiences like?

We’ve been lucky over the years to get great support with audiences on the Gold Coast but with the lack of venues here you’ve got to get touring if you want to get playing often. Wallapalloza will be our first show at home on the coast in two years so we’re really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and can’t wait to play the songs off the new album Disillusions and Resolutions that will be out later this year. 

What’s the best thing about living and working on the Gold Coast? 

Geographically we’ve got it all on the Gold Coast, the weather, beaches, hinterland…. It’s just the cultural side of things that need catching up.

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