It’s Not The Size That Matters- Festivals

Falls Festival at Byron Bay

A selection of festival organisers talked shop for the hour long seminar that spilled out into the courtyard. They talked about what does and doesn’t work for festivals, and why in particular boutique festivals succeed where big festivals don’t.

The speakers agreed on the fact that boutique lineups are curated with care and target a specific audience, whereas larger festivals charger extra dollars for beers and choose bands based on how many people they bring along, rather than who it is that they bring along.

The care that goes into boutique festivals far exceeds the care that goes into some of the larger festivals. The right venue is chosen for the bands that suit, and everything is focused on creating the ultimate experience for the punters.

The speakers are closely connected to the fans that go to their boutique festivals, and that would be one of the many reasons they are successful as booking agents and promoters. They care about the fans, and want the best experience for them, which ultimately ensures the success of the boutique festival.

The key to booking a successful festival is to create a diverse but cohesive experience for the fans, and the agents all have a passion for allowing awesome bands to play festivals that they think would be perfect.

The licensing and legal side of the festivals can be quite complicated, and more often than not the speakers have had to find a middle ground that still represents their ideal festivals.

They talked of experiences in the early days where lookouts would tip the promoters off to the fact that police are coming, and they would quickly run around and push everyone drinking into the licensed areas, and ensured that any marijuana nearby was effectively hidden, which was met with a solid chorus of laughter from the seminar attendants.

Each promoter present at the seminar had a big personality, and they clearly wear their passion on their sleeves. There’s little wonder when hearing them speak why they are ultimately successful, and the care they give to the fans at the end of the day is one of a kind.

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