IVEY: Gorgeous on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast five-piece IVEY are back with a new song and a long list of achievements. A naming on triple J Unearthed’s Distinguished Achiever’s List for 2015, support slots for Confidence Man and Ocean Alley, a showcase at ARIA Week events, and a lucrative spot as a ‘Discover Artist’ on Channel V have seen the band flourish as a live unit and evolve into a much-loved touring entity.

There sophomore EP ‘Gorgeous’ bristles with melody and shows the band have developed a refined knack for writing pop songs. Nicole Browne spoke with IVEY frontwoman Millie Perks about the new EP and what inspired it.

Congratulations on your EP.  How does it feel to have it out there?

Thank you.  We are really excited about getting it out there and sharing it with everyone.  There has been some really great feedback so far.

You’ve said this EP is your most collaborative work to date.  Can you tell us a little about the creative process? 

We have been playing around with different sounds, writing styles and production techniques for this EP, and we have all been heavily involved in both the music and writing which has been really great.  Usually one person will come up with a beat, a tune or a lyric and we all sit down and listen to it.  It then elaborates with the guys coming up with a full tune, while myself or Locke will bring in a lyric.  We may sit on it for a while, or we will record it as is.  In the studio we will play around more and add some harmonies.

What inspired the EP?  How do you think your listeners will relate?

A lot of the songs on the EP are about relationships and being young.  The struggle of falling in love for the first time, wanting it to last forever, but the fear and the knowing that it won’t, because we don’t know what’s going to happen, we are young.  I have been in this band since I was 12, which is now 6 years.  We have grown up and been through a lot of changes and some heartbreaks together. That has a big influence on the music in ‘Gorgeous’.  I think a lot of our listeners will relate to it.

You finish your tour on the GC in December. What can your fans expect from this tour? 

Each year we like to put on an end of year show in our hometown. Ending our tour here will really bring it all home.  When we look at how far we have come, and how much attention we are getting, we are so excited for this tour and what it will bring.  We always like to put on an energetic live show and throw a cover in there for people who don’t know our music – although this EP will get everyone dancing.  Our priority is to give our fans a great time.  Also, we love hanging out after the show.

How is it performing out of town shows versus home shows? 

Performing out of town is fun.  You meet fans and different artists that you wouldn’t usually meet.  Last time we played in Melbourne the show was packed.  That felt awesome.  Performing at home, it’s always different.  This is where we started.  There is so much support here for local acts, I think because it is still quite a small community.  Recently we did a home show and it sold out.  We were expecting it to be full of our friends, but we hardly knew anybody!

Can you talk about the new video for ‘Won’t Be’ and how it relates? 

Locke (McGuffie) directed it.  He wanted to show how the more technology based and social media driven we grow as a society, the more alone people are feeling.  It’s funny how these days you can grow apart from relationships and feel lost if you aren’t on social media.

Just for fun, share with us 5 quirks about yourselves that your fans may be surprised to know? 

  1. Each time we are about to go on stage we do a group huddle and talk rubbish just to hype each other up.
  2. Three of the guys have known each other since birth
  3. We once wrote a song about a lizard….not a pet lizard, just a lizard
  4. Locke and I are into Die Antwoord this rapper guy. Locke likes to give rapping a good go, he wanted to rap in a show once, but we had say no! (Laughing)
  5. Matt our drummer loves cucumber and eats 2-3 cucumbers at a time.

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IVEY wraps up their tour, 22 December at the Shark Bar Miami. Tickets via Oztix.

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