Ivori on song with Airlie Festival win

Each year the Airlie Beach Festival of Music holds regional Passport to Airlie band competitions to find the best bands around Queensland.

Despite being up against incredible local talent such as Julie Hayes, Crown The Humble and Luke Houselander, Gold Coast’s psychedelic-soul outfit Ivori won the local round held at local venue Miami Shark Bar.

The win gave Ivori four sets at Magnums to strut their stuff and make an impression on the judges and festival goers. And make an impression they did. They’ve recently returned to the Gold Coast knowing they’ll have the hotspot next year – main stage 2016.

We caught up with bass player Reg briefly on their return to ask how it all went down. “It was hot,” he said. “but it was a really great vibe.”

“Good, appreciate, awesome crowd. They’re there for the music,” he said. “We had excellent feedback on our music.”

“We didn’t even know we were in a battle up there,” Reg said. “It was a popular vote thing with a few judges. It was great.”

The win means Ivori will play on the main stage next year. And as a result of their Magnum’s performances, they were also invited to return before the next festival.

“They want us for New Years,” Reg said. “They were frothing over us.”

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Ivori’s new album will be available real soon (we may already have a sneaky copy).

Feature image by Lamp Photography.


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