Jack Johnson to join G Love on stage at Bluesfest

Garrett Dutton, better known as G Love was doing something pretty special when I met him just now at Bluesfest. He was jamming with Jack Johnson.

I was busting to ask the obvious question. Did this little jam hint at an on-stage collaboration?

The answer, was yes.

“I met him years ago in 1998 and then we recorded one of his songs he had on a demo, Rodeo Clowns and after that he caught steam and became huge,” Garrett said.  “So we’ve been on his label now since 2002 – we kind of helped him get a start. But I haven’t seen him for three or four years.”

“He’s just cruising around,” Garrett told me, when I questioned whether Jack had appeared on the bill since I last checked. “We were trying to get a surf and I didn’t know whether he wanted to play tonight – so I was like – you know, do you want to do something?”

Garrett tells me the first time they met, they just surfed and played music all day. “That’s pretty much just what we do,” he said.

So, get on it. If all goes to plan, you can catch both G Love + Special Sauce and special guest Jack Johnson on the Delta stage at Bluesfest tonight at 8.00pm.

Our full interview with Garrett will be online in coming days. Stay tuned.

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