Jackson Firebird ‘Shake the Breakdown’ tour comes to the Gold Coast

It’s Thursday night in Queensland and Friday morning in NSW. I live on the border so am in a constant State of Confusion.

The boys from JACKSON FIREBIRD, Brendan and Dale, are just starting out on the first leg of their tour journey when I speak to them. They are taking to the road, and the air, for their Shake the Breakdown tour, starting in Brisbane… tonight. Friday 30 October. The duo had just set off from their hometown on the mighty Murray River, Mildura, and are just 30 minutes in to the five and a half hour haul to Melbourne to catch a flight. Along for the ride is Timber, Brendan’s dog.

“What? You’re bringing your dog on tour?” No, he’s just along for the ride for the Victorian leg and holidaying in  Melbourne while Dad goes to work.

“He’s called Timber because I’m a boat-builder by trade,” says Brendan. We chat about paddle boats and rivers.

“Nothing eats you in rivers,” he says. A nod to our recent spate of shark attacks. Maybe down south but not up here. Our Tweed and Nerang rivers are sure to be teeming with bull sharks  and god knows what other nippy creatures.

This is the band’s second studio album. It has a full 12 rocking as heck tracks, ten originals and two covers, and was recorded in Texas. They were put up by Chris Frenchy Smith at his Bubble Studios in Austin. A passionate producer extraordinaire, who has worked with Motor Head, Slayer and Ringo.

“Ringo?” I exclaim.

“Yeah, Ringo Star”, says Brendan. Well, I guess there is only one Ringo. Far out. The guys have also had the pleasure of playing at the massive SXSW so must feel right at home in big bad Texas.

Opening track Mohawk Burning leaps out of the barriers, all guns blazing. Thrashing hard rock. The video clip looks like a blast. I ask if it was filmed at a Batchelor and Spinster hootenanny. It was actually at a shin-dig called The Chopper, in Newstead, a country town near my hometown, Bendigo.

Brendan mentions they will be playing at the Bendigo Blues Festival soon. Oh, some of my friends and family are playing there too. Victoria is a small town.

But hey, they are up north, in not so sunny Queensland ( I remind them to turn their clocks back, or forwards or whatever it is), playing in Brisbane tonight, Friday, with The Strums and El Bravo and Saturday at The Shark Bar with those crazy Goons of Doom and our favourite sons, Jimmy the Saint and the Sinners.

Their first time on the Goldy. I said I’ll be there to welcome them, but I might be a bit hard to spot in the dark. It’s Halloween and I’ll be cloaked entirely in black (just for a change).

“I hope you packed your costumes,” I mention.

“Um, we’re thinking about dressing as Meter Maids.” In honour of their first foray to The Goldie. How cool. Hell yeah. I’d like to see that.

So get along to one of these gigs, not just for the kick-arse rock but to see some Firebirds in gold bikinis. And stillettos?

Should be one hell of a party?

And boys, yeah, you might want to bring the weather with you, ’cause it’s been a bit crap up here lately and you might freeze some bits off in those skimpy things.
_ _ _

Jackson Firebird play at The New Globe Theatre, Brisbane tonight, Friday 3o October and The Shark Bar Miami, Saturday 31 October. Album Shake The Breakdown is out today, Friday 30 October through Warner.

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