Jacob Lee expands his online presence with Silhouette

Gold Coast singer Jacob Lee has a mega online following, measured in the millions, and attributes much of his success to being consistently active online with his fans. According to Jacob, this time of isolation is the perfect time for artists to build up their online presence and increase their revenue through streaming and YouTube. With his recent track ‘Silhouette’ resonating with fans worldwide, we thought it was the perfect time to catch up with this homegrown superstar and find out what else he’s been up to.

Your ‘Guidance Tour’ of Europe was cancelled in March due to COVID-19 restrictions on travel, and like most of us, you are now based at home. How have you been filling the days and nights during this hiatus period?

In lots of ways it’s not too much different for me. I have been learning new skills including piano and production. In fact, I have pre-produced my whole new album which is a first. After my ‘Guidance Tour’ cancelled … I flew into Rome and was then turned back … I decided to keep the online content rolling for everyone to enjoy from the safety of their homes. It’s so important for independent artists to be active with their fans. I’ve also been focussed on keeping Nikki, my partner, healthy and happy. We’re expecting our little boy to arrive any day now.

You still managed to connect with your fans in March with your ‘No Tour’ Tour and by all accounts it was a huge success. Tell us about that.

I streamed live from my garage over three dates and time zones, using Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and was able to do a full acoustic set with a live Q&A. Each show was two hours instead of the usual 90-minute live show. It was an incredible way to bring the artist and fans together.

This month you released single ‘Silhouette’ from your upcoming album. It’s quite a sorrowful song and begs the question: Where does this sadness and, seemingly personal lyrics, stem from?

Artistry is not always autobiographical. I wrote ‘Silhouette’ at the beginning of last year and I definitely wasn’t in a sad place. It’s a melancholic and introspective song and more honest that I would have liked, but it’s more about being empathetic, and this really resonates with people.

‘Conscience’ is your new album and we are already hearing great things about it, particularly the diversity of styles and genres. What can we expect when it’s released later this year?

I feel this new album is more consolidated and could be described as a library of lyrics. ‘Silhouette’ is the second last track and it’s best described as electronic, electro/pop and is the most electronic of the ten songs. The album will be released firstly as an original pop version, then over the next few months, an acoustic version followed by an orchestral production with strings and piano but no vocals – pretty excited that this will happen in Nashville. Then I’m going for a completely different genre – a deep house, lo-fi package.

COVID-19 restrictions are starting to ease but sadly it seems it will still be a while before live gatherings are happening again. What’s your best advice to other singers and performers who are at home in isolation?

Get online and create a presence and a second revenue through streaming and YouTube. Do this while people are at home and online. People will find you.

Keep an eye on all the usual social media platforms (@jacobleemusic // fb.com/jacoblee) and stream Jacob into your loungerooms. He won’t disappoint.

Check out the lyric video for ‘Silhouette’ below:

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