Jacob Lee

Previous The Voice contestant Jacob Lee has recently released his first single Chariot and is on his way to Sydney to record the rest of his upcoming debut EP. Yanina Benavidez caught up with him to discuss his experiences with Will-I-Am, his well thought-out recording process and his role as a humanitarian ambassador for Good Will.

His mesmerising debut single Chariot was recorded at MSquared Productions Studio in Melbourne with Michael Paynter and Mike Delo. Jacob says Chariot was written about and for his favourite muse, girlfriend Nikki. It’s a captivating love song that is sure to break open the hearts of many and inspire its listeners to seek a love as pure as their’s.

Jacob is hoping his single will attract the attention of an insatiable audience as he travels to Sydney to record the next single Heartstrings. He’ll be working with very much acclaimed Australian audio engineer Tim Carr who has successfully produced Matt Corby, Julia Stone, The Cat Empire and Mark Ronson among other super names. That long list of artists is proof of the quality of work he produces and Jacob is almost certain he will be the man for the job, although he says he is quite the creative perfectionist and prefers to take it slow. With this in mind he will be recording and producing one song and plans to spend a week or two sitting on it and listening to it before committing to producing the rest of his solid EP.

This is a different approach to recording than most artists but when your art is on the line patience is certainly the key to success and a perfect result. Jacob tells he will be returning to the studio as soon as he is clear on his choice. This means in the next few months we can expect to hear his very first EP which he has secretly told will be called Sans .

Jacob says his song writing process is focused on the lyrics, placing a lot of emphasis and time on getting his message across in his own amorous and inimitable way and then finishing his songs by adding the chords on his guitar.

His passion for writing from the heart captivated the founder of Good Will Organisation Raju Ravitej, who has been working for ten years on creating awareness for the downtrodden and disrespected women of India. Good Willare preparing an awareness movement so Raju asked Jacob to come on board as an ambassador for the organisation and a part of his role has been to write a song in conjunction with this awareness campaign.

While its main objective is to save these innocent young girls and women from harm and often murder, its purpose is to also share a strong message of peace and harmony among other cultures and demographics as well as acceptance on a global scale.

On Raju’s visit to Australia last year he heard Jacob perform at an anti-bullying event and decided Jacob would be the man to write their anthem. Jacob is working on it as we speak and he says it’s a very rewarding process.

Jacob says he got involved with anti-bullying work after finding out his older brother had been horrendously bullied all throughout school – something which affected him dramatically later in life.  Having also seen it happen to many other kids in the schooling system it didn’t sit well with him. This is how Jacob began public speaking in Queensland schools on the topic of bullying. He found that when the words come from someone of his age the kids tend to actually listen to what he have to say. He has since written Ghost about the topic, and that’s the track he will work on in Sydney.

Jacob’s single Chariot is now available for purchase on iTunes so lend him some support. He is also currently doing the GC gig rounds so if you were mesmerised by him on The Voice, or even if you missed him, you might be lucky enough to catch a three hour set here or there, where he not only does a long list of originals but also adds his own magic touch to plenty of favourites.

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