10 year old Gold Coast prodigy Jakeycakes drops second single

Jakeycakes is a singularly talented 10-year-old solo artist and multi-instrumentalist from the Gold Coast who has just dropped his sophomore single ‘You Better Hurry’, today.

Having gone pro just this year, Jakeycakes – aka Jake Murdoch – has spent his school holidays busking, practising, and recording – and he’s got a lot to practice!  Jake plays lead and rhythm guitar, bass, piano, drums and performs his own lead and backing vocals, and also co-wrote his second single ‘You Better Hurry’ alongside co-writer Amiel Matthews, who also wrote his debut single, ‘Ghost on the Breeze’ which received plenty of radio attention. Jake hopes to follow up and surpass that single’s success with today’s ‘You Better Hurry’, which also comes complete with its own vid.

Jake hung five with us recently.

What’s the best part about recording a song?

Well, it’s doing it yourself and making it happen the way that you want it.

And what’s the best part of making a music video?

Well I liked doing the cake scene (in ‘Ghost on the Breeze‘), and walking around a lot. At one point we filmed at 4:30 in the morning or something, so we had to wake up at 2:30. Loads of it was fun, really! Pretty much all of it.

We wanted to get a dark shot because it was pretty much pitch black, and Scot was waiting for that little bit of sunlight.

Tell us about the video for ‘You Better Hurry’!

I’m just pretty much playing all the instruments on stage. The other part of the music video is pretty much me walking the streets of the Gold Coast with all the lights. One of the lines is, “Tonight I’m gonna go searching for the Tokyo lights,” and let’s face it, we’re not in Tokyo! So the Gold Coast is the next best thing for that.

Right! What’s busking like and how long have you been doing that?

I’ve pretty much been busking maybe two years. But I actually started off when I was 8 with my brother Ollie, from Fresh OJ the duo that I was in with him. And now I’m a soloist.

What was it like being in the band with your brother?

It was fun, but we were just playing covers. So as soon as I became a soloist I started to do my original songs.

We didn’t really go to gigs, because my brother was 12 and I was only 10, so we didn’t go to gigs but we were busking at shopping centres and markets.

Will you have your own band one day?

I like being a solo artist, but what happens, really, happens. I don’t know whether I’m meant to be in a band or meant to be a solo artist.

Who are your favourite artists at the moment?

David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, just all those 60s to 80s bands.

You can find Jakeycakes on all the usual digital platforms and social media. He also busks regularly at Carrara Markets, Burleigh Markets, and Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. Check out the single ‘You Better Hurry’ via this link, and watch the video below:

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    Roger Nicholls

    What an amazing and talented young man Jake is. Let’s hope he gets lots of support from the industry and from media.

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