Jason Momoa and Aquaman: the Reluctant Heroes

Aquaman is one of the most hotly anticipated movies this summer, which is in large part due to the world’s collective love of its star Jason Momoa, who walked the blue carpet at the Australian premiere at Event Cinemas Robina on Tuesday night.

In speaking with Momoa about what characteristics he shares with Aquaman, we were rather surprised by his response: “Reluctant hero – we share that in common.”

Indeed in the Aquaman movie, Momoa as Arthur Curry truly is the reluctant hero when Mera (Amber Heard) seeks him out to take his rightful place as King of Atlantis and stop his Half-brother King Orm, the Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson) from waging war on the surface world.

With the majority of filming occurring on the Gold Coast, we were intrigued to discover what he enjoyed most about our sun-drenched city.  Reporting that he had come straight from Rick Shores, where he had demolished two of their famous Moreton Bay Bug rolls, he was clearly in the mood for reminiscing about some great Gold Coast eats he experienced whilst here for filming.

“I had some really great food at Social [Eating House], and Glenelg [Public House] does some really good steaks” he informs us with a gleam in his eyes. Clearly Aquaman has excellent taste!

Aquaman is released Australia wide on Boxing Day (26th of December).

IMAGES (c) Jock Cockburn

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