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Swimming in a sea of male hip hop artists, Jesswar AKA Jess Koroi is certainly making waves. And despite an overhanging discrimination against females in the genre, the 18 year old Gold Coaster is shooting far ahead of her peers.

With her many projects and collaborations including all girl band Sneeky Picnic, she’s already had a top 20 top selling EP on iTunes and played Big Day Out twice in her short career. Tari Petersen sat down with Jess to talk about all she’s achieved so far and what we can be expecting to hear from her in the future.

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You’ve been working on so many musical ventures at the moment, lets start off with one of your longest ongoing projects, your all girl band Sneeky Picnic! How are you girls going?

Sneeky is going really well, we’re taking a break from playing shows to write new material. We’ve had a hectic past 2 years and we wanna come back with something fresh.


You guys have played BDO twice now, what was it like playing at such a big festival?

BDO is always a good time, the atmosphere and energy that festival brings is crazy and to be able to play two years in a row is insane! We’re forever grateful for those two gigs, it’s the best feeling in the world being on a stage where your music is widely appreciated and Big Day Out gave us that experience and exposure to a larger audience.”


Besides BDO, what would you say has been the best gig you’ve ever played?

“The best gig would have to be Red Deer Music Festival. That festival is Australia’s best kept secret, everybody’s so chill and the promoters treated us like royalty with all the backstage goods as well as the free booze but every gig is always an excuse to be on stage.”


You’ve also recently released the Jesswar and Lane Harry EP which you collaorbated on with Lane Harry and Ike Campbell. The EP managed to reach the top 20 hip-hop charts on iTunes, how was that?

The EP I did with Lane went really well on the iTunes Charts, I think we peaked at 16. It was wild seeing us up there next to Kendrick and Eminem we didn’t expect it at all and Ike killed it with the production side of things. Plus it was a rad experience creating music and playing shows with those dudes.


You and Lane make some awesome tracks together, can we be expecting anything new from the latest up-and-coming Hip Hop duo?

We’re pretty keen to get back into the studio to do an album, art work for the cover and a few instrumentals are in the works but y’all can definitely expect another collaboration from us soon.


Have you been working on any solo work lately?

I am currently in the process of launching all my solo music online I’ve been working on a few tracks that I am going to release for free download this week and in the coming weeks. The songs will have a strong rap influence and topics will change from track to track. I’ll be releasing free tracks until my solo EP is finished which all beats will be supplied by Ike Campbell.


Where do find inspiration for your lyrics?

“Right now I am inspired by the city I live in, my friends and the things I get up to as well as mainstream pop culture. I love writing about my life experiences and the people I’ve met along the way but that’s just right now, who knows what I’ll be writing about in a year or two years time.


And finally, what can we be expecting from you in the near future?

I am working on a lot of different projects at the moment so just a lot of different music, videos and tours. I love living life so I am going to travel for a couple months then come back and release more tracks.


You can check out the Jesswar and Lane-Harry EP on iTunes now!

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