Jimmy the Saint’s Voodoo Fridays

When Jim Turner’s not out the front of his band, he’s making coffee. Rock star by night, barista by day. Or something like that. At least for this month, anyway. He and his mates make up Jimmy The Saint and The Sinners and they’ve just announced a month full of Friday shows – both here on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

And lucky for us, there are five Fridays in October.

It’s good timing for the band, who will also release their EP Voodoo and Vivisection. It’s the third in a four-part series of releases.

It’s just an idea I’ve had for five or six years,” Jim tells Blank on his lunch break. “I always intended the first release to be Love Notes & Obituaries. But we ended up doing a country album called The Best Of… – which was a stupid title. It wasn’t until years later we ended up doing Love Notes.”

Although that release didn’t materialise until 2014, Jim says he had some of those songs written five years ago. He found himself writing thematically-linked songs, so thought he’d make concept EPs.

“The titles represent the themes of the songs in each EP,” he said.

Let’s take a look at those. This month we’ve got Voodoo & Vivisection hitting the streets. The first in the series was Love Notes & Obituaries and in between was Boozehounds & Bad Men. I’m seeing a dark undercurrent. I guess that’s why Jimmy and his Saints and Sinners totally own the voodoo blues genre.

“I think it’s fair to say that they’re all dark,” Jim tells us. “But I think this is one of the darker ones. The fourth one is going to be not necessarily lighter tonally, but perhaps a little more playful.”

“It’s called Shipwrecks & Salt.”

Jim says the reaction from the first two EPs was pretty positive, but admits it’s hard to gauge when people are giving feedback to the guys who created it.

“Obviously it’s hard to get an honest answer from some people when you’re the one who made it. But yeah, it’s been pretty positive.”

“I think this one sort of ties the other two together with the way it sounds. Personally, this is probably one of my favourite ones.”

“It’s got some stuff on it, that’s just very near and dear.”

One of those things is a duet that Jim says he’s been trying to record for six years. The song features Emma Stewart.

“She’s actually our guitarist Zac’s girlfriend,” Jim explains when I tell him I haven’t heard of Emma before. “She does some s tuff with him on a project they’re going to release in the future and she’s done some stuff with Audun from elsewhere, as well.”

I asked Jim what people can expect of the Friday shows at Boardriders Coolangatta (with 16 October at Greaser Bar in Fortitude Valley) and he says “just good times.”

“It’ll be a different set every show that we play, so if people wanna come along to more than one, they won’t see the same thing twice.”

“Tonight we’re opening for The Ruminators (Sydney).”

“We’ve got a rotating series of set lists and we’ll take it as to how we feel on the night as to which ones we play.”

Shipwrecks & Salt will be out early 2016 with Jimmy the Saint and the Sinners due to record in December. Jim says they already have material written for the final release in their four-part EP series.

“I think we’ve got, I’d say 80% of it written,” he said. “Next year we’re looking at doing an album.”

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  • Voodoo & Vivisection will be available on bandcamp from 9 October.
  • Jimmy The Saint and The Sinners play Boardriders Coolangatta on Fridays 2, 9, 23 and 30 October and Greaser Bar Fortitude Valley on Friday 16 October.


Feature image: Daniel Marshall



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